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In the second installment of "how to turn your vegetarian girlfriend into a carnivore" I present  Bacon wrapped jalapeño pepper jack cheese dog. #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianfood #Bacon #charbroil
Happy Independence Day. I hope everyone takes some time to think about how the wonderful opportunities they're afforded because of some strong willed men of the 1700s. Everyday is a new day; if you're unsatisfied with your life, make a change. Make the world your oyster.
I present to you phase 1 in converting your vegetarian girlfriend into a carnivore... #nofilter #pita #charbroil #vegitarian #steak
Puerto Lobos
It's a real life Christmas Story. Merry Christmas 🎄☃🎁🎎🍾
In paradise with my lady friend. #tagmeback
The goat thought she looked delicious, too.
Not only is she gorgeous, but she is a little funny sometimes, too.  #wcw
The reincarnation of a black '60s soul singer. Here's my #wcw .. She is so awesome, she gets a wcw on Tuesday!
The most beautiful woman got me these badass personalized pint glasses! Now I'm drinking my beer from a frosty glass in style. I'm so grateful for her. #shesakeeper