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A thoughtful design studio based in Portland, Oregon. Forged in friendship.

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Design Flavored Trivia! Join us 4.19 at the Wayback during this years Design Week Portland. Click the link in our bio for more info. #DWP #Whatsthis #thisisgonnabegreat
Pioneering the art of American bonsai. 
Our new case study for @bonsaimirai with brand help from our friends at @omfgco and @vanessadespain #thisisgonnabegreat
Another colorless day in Portland deserves a splash of the ‘booch. #thisisgonnabegreat @somakombucha
Not unlike the brewing of kombucha, it’s often the process where perfection can be found. The final result is but a brief moment in time. @k_____kazu lays down some beautiful illustration work for @somakombucha. #thisisgonnabegreat #delightful #kombucha
“When we do good, we feel good, when we do bad, we feel bad. @this is our religion.” @somakombucha #thisisgonnabegreat
Where will the weekend take you?⠀⠀
@onxhunt #knowwhereyoustand #Thisisgoingtobegreat
“A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.” - Seth Godin says it perfectly.  #thisisgonnabegreat
The path forward is in your hands. @onxhunt #ThisIsGoingToBeGreat
@this is never stationary. This collateral is for a brand on the move - @onxhunt.
@this is fairly relevant. Our positioning statement for @onxhunt. #thisisgonnabegreat
#thisyear, We’re launching a series of new case studies on our website (link in profile). One of our favorite clients of 2017 was onX Maps out of Missoula, Montana. Their simplified logo ‘marks the spot’ and forms a system for their Hunt, Maps and Pro apps.
Welcome 2018. Tell us how #thisyear is gonna be different. #thisisgonnabegreat