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Don’t let your food get cold watching someone else’s plate. Know your worth and then add tax. 🔑💁🏽‍♀️✨
Happy Saturday Instafam ☺️❤️- shop the look on @lookerhq app xx
Thank God it’s Friday! I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow! What a week eh?? But we made it! And thanks to @cluse ⌚️ time is on my side ☺️✨
Watch: @cluse 😍
Still time for you to get your own!!! Use my code LAVINYA for a free strap 💛 #CluseSpringFling #Cluse #ad 👉🏽 LINK IN BIO 👈🏽
I look like the cat that’s got the cream lol. That’s a strong pout lol. #tbt to pics that didn’t make the cut but I still like so 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m posting it lol. ☺️😉
Protect your peace.
Protect your future.
Protect your goals.
Protect your love.
Protect your faith.
Protect your mental health.
Protect your life.
Protect yourself.
Vibrate higher. 🦋
When you been away from the gram for 3 days and you come back like “hey bigheads 🙋🏽‍♀️✨” - it’s probably time I take my “out of office” msg off my emails & tackle my inbox. Nooooo I’m not lazy I’m on energy saving mode😉 - #hellomonday 💘
I can’t even explain how great I feel in this dress. 💃🏻✨Question is: hair up or down?!
There is no time limit and there are no rules! 👈🏽 That Part 💭🔑✨
Some days I’m Beyoncé, other days I’m Lay-Z 😂 - Don’t mind me just wanted to show y’all my new glasses 😎 - you like *clucks tongue* or nah?
You need to ignore what everyone else is doing/achieving. YOUR LIFE is about breaking your own limits & outgrowing yourself to live your best life. Plan to outdo your past, not other people. - walking into Monday in my new robe ready to give it all I have. 
Do you know that there was a period in time when I sought validation from...other bloggers. 50% of bloggers/influencers who follow me hardly ever engage in my IG or twitter posts, blog etc and I used to find that really really hard. I would see them all over each other’s pages hyping one another & it would make me think “I guess I’m not good enough” it would motivate me to make more content & when that still wasn’t given props I felt like giving up. Then a friend msged me to say how they been following my content & they were so impressed & I was like “yea thanks but I need to do this & this cos it’s not like so & so...” they replied “Who?? Am I talking about them or am I talking about you? I like YOUR content & you should be proud KMT” that taught me to get out my feelings 💡 I’d been focused on the wrong things, on the wrong people. How silly of me to be blogging for other bloggers 🤦🏽‍♀️ You guys who write such lovely comments, engage with me, Dm me, make the effort to check out my blog & other platforms y’all are my focus! I am a very very small fish in this big blogosphere ocean but everyday I work on making my content better and sometimes I have no choice but to work with what I have (aka my mirror) & I thank y’all for really rocking with me and loving it anyway. If we all tried we could all find something to use as an excuse for why we shouldn’t do something, but that’s the easy route. And nothing worth having is every easy. So I challenge y’all (and myself) to make peace with everything you are, and focus on what you can do to build upon it to multiply your gifts not so you can outdo “sally” or impress “John” but so you can outdo “past YOU” and impress “yourself” - so a friend doesn’t read your blog...well “so and so” does! Go where your celebrated! & keep cheering yourself along! Thank you all for your support I love y’all with all my booty, I would say my heart but my booty’s bigger 😉😊💗💗
Y’kno like incase I forget my name or what letter it begins with...✨✨ - picked up the heart shape locket from @primark yesterday too ☺️
Back at it again in the polka dots! But I don’t even care cos I feel so darn cute! 💁🏽‍♀️✨- only £10 from @primark but don’t worry if you miss out I’ll link an alternative on the @lookerhq App! 💙- #happysaturday