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I guess that is technically getting out of bed 🙈
Endless summer in TN, was so happy about the fall weather
The only way to hold on is to keep letting go
Feels good to pick up my camera again, gotta let things rest sometimes ya know
This Saturday, 9/16, from 11-3 I'll be hanging out at @whitesmercantile with Maddie signing our new book! Come say hi and support a local business ✨
If you buy your book locally from White's it come with a v neat Maddie sticker. (It rly is neat)
And I'll have both my trucks there, if you wanna nerd out on diesel trucks, campers, and old land cruisers. Happy to talk about life on the road or photography. It's a chill hang event so just come be present 🙌🏼
Book release day! My new book, Maddie Lounging on Things, is officially out in the wild ✨ putting a book together is a labor of love and I'm so proud of this one. I think it's gonna age well and be something I'll always smile about. Thank you @kylesteed for drawing the amazing cover and @abramsbooks for making the dream come alive.
Hey. Grateful for y'all being interested in my little slice of life and following us for so many years. Buying a copy of the book is the single biggest way that allows us to keep stomping around and making images. So seriously thank you so much.
And! If you're in Nashville I'm doing a book signing this Saturday, 9/16, at White's Mercantile in 12 South from 11 - 3. Come say hi and support a lovely local shop. I'll have my new camper and truck there if you want a little tour to see how we live on the road 🙌🏼
Feels like there's plenty of summer left in TN so this week I've been out swimming and shooting more images for @WhistleLabs, their neat little GPS tracker attaches to your pups collar and let's you see where your dog is headed and what their exercise looked like for that day ✨#ad
I've been getting a lot of emails recently from folks asking about my 2nd book coming soon, so I figured I'd tackle the two most common questions right here:
Q: What's the best way to experience your new book, 'Maddie Lounging on Things'?
A: Duh. In bed with your eyes closed.
Q: I noticed your book is being released Sept 12th, the same day as the new iPhone 8. What gives? Isn't that a bad idea?
A: No way! I have every intention of selling twice as many books as that whatever the boring iPhone is gonna be. I'm gonna sell so many books Tim Cook is gonna call me and say he wished they released the phone another day.
Out shooting a project for @WhistleLabs and putting their tracker to good use 🙌🏼 Maddie normally stays pretty close by but I'm digging the GPS tracking feature and the peace of mind when she gets too far. Def neat to track her daily activity to make sure she's getting enough exercise when we're out on the road #ad #dogslovewhistle
Feels like Sunday 🙃
It sure ain't been the easiest year but life is still real sweet when ya look around. I have this feelin it's gonna be one of those 'wouldn't change a thing even if I could'
Livin that stick life @ 💯
Taking full advantage of this TN summer ✨