Theron Humphrey
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We've traveled to some amazing places this year, through the desert and across Montana #ad #TBT, but one of the best was the PCH trip down the coast of California with @chase and @marriottrewards.  As part of my project with them, I get to give away a rad box of travel essentials for your pup, inspired by my time on the road, AND 75K @marriottrewards points to use at their hotels for 10 folks (you can sign up to be a Marriott Rewards member for free on their site)! It has a few little things I've come to use daily out on the road with Maddie and I'd love to pass those gems along to y’all. And 75k points too, cause why not. To enter, share in my comments and tell me about one of your favorite trips this year + tag #TravelStorySweepstakes + #MarriottCard. .
The sweepstakes runs until 10/24. 18+ years, U.S. only.
We had a 2 day photo shoot in Malibu and instead of sitting in traffic back and forth to LA we grabbed a hotel last night. Best decision ever ☕️✨
I have a deep love for anything with a worn in story. Old trucks, worn out boots, and dogs who need a good home. This truck is no different. It might sound strange some ears but one of my deepest joys in life is when I get stuck and gotta put my rig into 4x4. Hopping out the door and locking my hubs always feels like the start of something real good ✨
If you’re curious about my bumpers they are a special collab I did with my friend Buckstop in Oregon. Anyone with an old body style F250/350 can call him and order same, just mention my name. I’m real fond of them and grateful he created them for me.
And for anyone curious my truck is parked on old established (albeit little used) 2 track that runs through the desert ✨
Was hard rolling out of the warm truck at 6:30am, but the morning light out my window was so sweet and I knew I’d never regret jumping in a hot spring 🌵❤️
I’m not sure if it’s any good because I’m always starving when I stop in, but there’s a little Chinese restaurant in the very back corner of a casino here. It’s smoky and dingy and a little sad but also perfect. The owners hardly speak any English and it reminds me how incredible America can be. That a couple picked up their life that was far away in Asia and now their home is a tiny desert town and they are making a go at it. I love it.
I love being in the desert when the seasons start to change, I’m ready with palms open this time around ✨
I grew up far away from places like this, it was hard to believe they were even real. I remember being on my granddaddy’s farm in rural North Carolin and watching these strange black & white John Wayne movies on Saturday mornings, being mystified by the places they went. Were they even real? My world was hundreds of acres of flat open fields, thick woods, salty air, and catfish.
But these places are real. And they are magic. And worth preserving forever and forever.
There is no substitute for millions of miles of dusty open space and enough room for a man to not feel fenced in. It’s something we all need, at least once in awhile.
This morning feels like the start of this new journey. We made coffee, started a fire, and counted tiny desert rain drops on the roof of the camper. But even more true is we reaffirmed that only ourselves are responsible for our happiness.
If you find yourself on the pathway of recovery the two text images are from a beautiful book I read each morning called The Language of Letting Go ✨❤️
(The Body Keeps Score, is also a brilliant read if you’re looking to dive deeper)
I hit the road last night after being in my home in Nashville for 2 months. In the past I’ve always been chomping at the world to go wander and explore but leaving this time left different. I reconnected and grew friendships deeper than I’ve ever known and my heart is better for it. I can truly say I’m a Southern at heart and I like keeping a hat in Tennessee.
But I also feel the calling of the road, there’s nothing I’m missing and no hole I need to fill this time around. I’d say instead my best friend and myself simply have some important work to create, some stories to share, and coffee to drink over countless camp fires to come.
I haven’t met many of y’all but today I’m happy and content and my heart feels warm ❤️
I like when folks find something good in themselves and turn those feelings into books. My friend @jedidiahjenkins put down some magic on paper and I’m proud to know him. To Shake the Sleeping Self is at bookstores today! I’m grateful to have shared a conversation or two on a bench with him over the years. He’s a safe harbor of love. For many seasons for my life I was terrified for him to truly see me. But the good news for all of us is that we are loved. We are enough. And we belong ❤️
And if you hang your hat in Nashville he’ll be speaking at @parnassusbooks tomorrow evening, making everyone feel welcome and loved ✨
Uncle Garrett’s in town!
I’ve been spending a ton of time at home the past few weeks, working in the yard and loving our little home. I’ve photographed a lot of moments like this with Maddie over the years but I just love her so much, so I think I’ll just keep at it 😊