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Saxophonist, music producer, artrepreneur, ENTJ, professional underdog. Follow my musical journey here. @hutchingsthomas

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Had a really inspirational few hours with Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal & Paul Averginos! So blessed to get see & hear about some of the elements that went into their latest music project, Home: Where Everyone is Welcome. It was so inspiring to hear Deepak speak on current events. I've been on a self-development journey & this aligns with that perfectly. #justgladtobehere @deepakchopra  @deepakhomebase #sunnyclarinet #seungheelee @sunnyclarinet 
Can't really see it, but that's about 70% eclipse totality over my street in the West Village, today. There was a really nice guy standing in front of the yoga studio across the street letting people view it through his eclipse viewers. Looking forward to the next one in April 8, 2024 which will be much darker at close to 90% totality over Manhattan. #eclipseselfie2017 #umbra2017 #justgladtobehere #eclipselife #moonshadow #coronadelsol #clairedelune #solunar
Had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the finest people I know from  my past life of Bleeker st's energetic 90's rock/punk music scene for Kenny Kramme's birthday jam/hang. These are the wildest & greatest musicians I hung out with after playing Mondo Cane with The Niagaras every Wednesday night in Greenwich village back then. I had so many great jams and hangs with this crew of guys and they are all wonderful people. Always feels like home with them. Thanks to Scott for getting my ass inspired to show up. @kennykramme @lawnranger63 #birthdayjam #4thfloor #airdogs #livemusicnyc #justgladtobehere
Ran into these folks in my neighborhood this week! I was under the weather and seeing these beautiful faces helped me feel much better. #justgladtobehere #serendipity
I'm selling the last remaining 8 CDs of my 1st album #AllergictoGravity for just $10 bucks until September 20th! #ladolcevita #limitedoffer #goinggoinggone #outofprint #justgladtobehere #jazz #funk #ewi #edm #saxophone #sax #eclipse2017
Had to get some donuts! My buddy Todd posted some comfort food on FB & my body said, you want that, so here I am.  Been sick in bed for the past few days, too. #maplebacondonut #bostoncreamdonut #cinnamonroll #justgladtobehere
Action packed night last night! Played some sax at the Folklore Fridays hang at Dark Horse in TriBeCa, then went over to Roxy Hotel with my cousin, Rasheada. Saw Dave Chapelle hangin at Comedy Cellar w/Ashy Larry, Had a slice of Pizza at Ben's, then finished the night off at the Blue Note with Mike Feinberg! @sheadabobeada @mikefeinberg @davechapelle @donnellrawlings @nyccomedycellar @bluenotenyc #justgladtobehere #livemusicnyc #ladolcevita @doublel3013 @flyingfromtheeast #iloveny
This is my beautiful cousin, Rasheada! We finally met after I connected with her mom on 23andme! I've been searching for family members for years & it's wonderful to have it finally paying off. She's awesome! πŸ‘πŸ½βœŒπŸΏβ€οΈπŸ––πŸ½πŸŽ·πŸΌπŸŽ΅#justgladtobehere #familyreunion @23andme
One of my favorite Thursday night hangs is #DaysofWild @redlionnyc! Always a great time & you never know who will show up to perform! #justgladtobehere #livemusicnyc #ladolcevita
I play at The Red Lion W/The Stingers, every 2nd Tuesday of the month & they have 10 cent #chickenwings all night. Last week, vocalist Peggi Blu was there. She's fantastic! It's #heavenonearth! #justgladtobehere #livemusicnyc @redlionnyc
Fruta pop! Alcoholic icee pops! They are awesome!! We are jamming here until midnight! Come by to hang out/chill out, hear some music, check out some art & try a deliciously, refreshingly cool #FrutaPop! #livemusicnyc #clusterfunk #stufftodotonight #iloveny
Great news! The internet says I'm #OCD which totally explains my life of frustration & anxiety over fine details or what some would incorrectly call #minutiae! #justgladtobehere