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I’ve been trying to curb my book buying ways whilst being on mat leave. My book subscription box has been my main way of getting my bookish fix. Yet I couldn’t resist getting this hardback copy of  #lyrebird which I found for a bargain price in a charity shop! I’ve wanted to read this for a while so it’s nice to get to add it to my collection!
Recently I’ve really starting falling in love with the character or Alice all over again. It was reignited by my darling daughter discovering her story - I’ve loved seeing it through her eyes. So I treated myself to this gorgeous #cathkidstonxaliceinwonderland handbag. It might not be practical for baby things but it sure it’s pretty! #aliceinwonderland
Completely fell head first into this beguiling fairy tale inspired story. I devoured it.  #thehazelwood does feel like a journey down the rabbit hole and I’m only just recovering!
When you didn’t read all the photo prompts before you used the bath bomb! The Norgard bath bomb did not last long before I used it and it was brilliant - I’ve got super sensitive skin and normally I avoid the soaps etc that come in the boxes but I’m a sucker for a bath bomb and took the risk and I didn’t react at all and plus it smelt incredible so I’ll definitely be getting more from @littleheartgifts . One of my favourite things about #fairyloot is getting exclusive and unique copies of the books and I love the black edging on #onyxandivory its just makes the book look even more intriguing.#FAIRYPHOTO14
My bookish coaster collection is growing nicely thanks to my #FairyLoot subscription. I really like the designs and quotes and it’s one of the item my OH appreciates too! I’ve not annoyed a book since my uni days but these #bythewyrd post it’s are so cute! #FAIRYPHOTO14
We’ve had such a busy weekend so I’m on serious catch up with my #fairyloot photo challenge this month so I apologise for the mass upload. I love a good book sleeve and this one is no exception - as someone who always has a book with me (even in my newborns change bag) I need a book sleeve to keep my books in beautiful condition - especially my current read Legendary as I managed to nab a signed copy! #FAIRYPHOTO14
A day late but going to try do the photo prompts for this months #FAIRYPHOTO14 of the May #unboxing. I really loved the items in this months box. I’ve already used the Norgard bath bomb and it was fantastic!
I succumbed to those 4 little words...signed by the author! Literally could not resist. I was enthralled by Caraval and knew I’d have to read Legendary but was planning not to buy it immediately needless to say I have no willpower. Can’t wait to fall back into the game again. Thankfully reminded to check the design under the cover and got the shattered crown edition! Now I need to make it my mission to get my copy of Caraval signed too 👩🏼‍🏫#legendary #stephaniegarber #signededition
I redecorated my library nearly 18 months ago now and I’m still so chuffed with how it turned out - who knew I could wallpaper! I do still get tempted to rearrange the books by colour but ever the librarian they are mostly in alphabetically order - for some reason they move a lot. My OH thankfully is just as much of collector as me so he’s thrilled to have some shelves for his ever growing collections - although it’s ever decreasing as I get more books 👩🏼‍🏫 I’m worried that eventually the #harrypotter merchandise will overtake a whole bookcase. I adore that I’ve been able to hang my #manonblackbeak and #lilabard artwork!
So my return to reading began with finishing #acofas not going to lie I was a tad confused by the point of the book it just felt a bit unnecessary although as always do like returning to the characters. My next read is going to be #beyondadarkenedshore by #jessicaleake the cover alone really intrigued me so I’m hoping the story is as engaging. Thought I’d tag my #fairyloot reading buddy incase like me you’ve not started it either! #MyBuddy007847
Apparently a second baby really derails your reading! I’ve found myself not dipping into books since baby girl was born. I blame tiredness but I’ve decided it has to stop. Reading is me, it is essential to my health. I love to escape into a book and lose myself for a few minutes or hours if I’m lucky. So I’m back. I’ve no real goal of what to read or when but I’m going to start with some of the recent #fairyloot arrivals that I’ve not picked up yet and my birthday books!
So this had to happen today! Brilliant trip to #theshopthatmustnotbenamed #birthdayweekend #ineededit #harrypottermerch