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So this had to happen today! Brilliant trip to #theshopthatmustnotbenamed #birthdayweekend #ineededit #harrypottermerch
Finally making a return to my bookstagram! January appears to have been a complete blur. I was treated to some more #harrypotter mercy for Christmas and it’s taken me this long to get around to showing it off! My TBR pile is whatever I can manage as I’m on countdown to the arrival of baby number 2. Hopefully I can manage to read aswell as I did when her big sister arrived.
For now I’m gonna try to step up my bookstagram and blogging game but I know it’s pointless making any kind of promises. #bookblogger #booklove 👩🏼‍🏫
Really love this months @fairyloot. Another book I was hoping to get my hands on and I get to read it before it’s out - always a treat! Just wish I had got a different one of the Funko options but still fab! #bookshelves #bookstagram #funkopop #nospoilers #bookmerch #booksubscriptionbox #booklove #fairyloot
My @fairyloot arrived today so in honour of its amazingness might aswell see if I can get 3 months free! #festivefairyloot 
@_callielimb @lysettispaghetti @jmcglynn
I was so excited when my @fairyloot arrived as I had been dying to get my hands on this book! I love how Leigh writes and can’t wait to get stuck in. The October villainous box is definitely up there with my favourite #fairyloot boxes. I just need to hurry up and finish Midnighters and I can get started!
My dad gave me this series so long ago that’s it’s becoming a bit of a running joke that I’ve not read it. It’s not like me to be intimated by the size of a book but man alive these bad boys are gigantic 🙄 However my mid year resolution that I need to read what is on my bookshelves before buying more has me adding them to November’s TBR pile (they probably are the only thing on the pile considering the size) on the plus side I generally love books my dad suggests so here’s hoping. Anyone read this series? 👩🏼‍🏫 #tadwilliams #shadowmarchseries #epicfantasy
I wasn’t going to enter as I never win but if you don’t enter you definitely won’t. I’ve absolutely loved subscribing to #fairyloot and it’s such a treat every time it arrives. I find the boxes amazing quality and the books are chosen with great care. Im 28 and mummy to a budding 2 year old bookworm - even she gets in on the action when we unbox a fairyloot. I’m currently pregnant with my second little girl and I’m already saving up so I can keep subscribing to the boxes during my maternity leave. I am a librarian and keen reader and have always loved fantasy fiction and I’m currently finishing off my writing my own fantasy novel 😬. I enjoy displaying all the amazing merchandise that comes in the boxes and my candle collection has grown so much since getting the boxes. I’d love to be chosen as a rep and fill my feed with the amazing stuff featured in the boxes! #fairylootrep6
Look at the cover sparkle! So intrigued by #eventhedarkeststars from this months #fairyloot. It’s been added to my October TBR. Chose my favourite #earthsea quote for the awesome notepad and included a few little extras from previous loot boxes! #fairyphoto6
Sassy characters was fun to think of. Had to include Anne Shirley as can’t think of anyone sassier! #fairyphoto6 #fairyloot goes perfectly with by amazing candle from this months box - smells so good!!
I always think I should wear hats more so maybe this bookish beanie will help! My all time favourite fairyloot item of Manon print had to feature! Taking this photo made me realise I've learnt far to many of this series out to people!! #fairyphoto6
Absolutely loved getting a #fairyloot again. I took a break in August and was so jealous when I saw all the unboxings so restarted my subscription. This months box didn't fail to meet my expectations. Personal favourites include the Lila Bard print and the High Warlock candle! #fairyphoto6
Totally forgot I'd preordered this beauty! So ready to continue this story!#onedarkthrone #kendareblake #threedarkcrowns #mirabellakatherinearsinoe