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Bespoke cakes made to order for all occassions | GF, V available

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Mini pavlova with coconut, passion fruit, chocolate mix
#geodecake with pretty gold details
Two tiered cake with miso caramel drip finish, consist of timtam x devilsfood chocolate x miso caramel and a timtam cheesecake and a mini pavlova on top. Touches of 'rocks' and edible flowers. Cake was for my mom's dearest friend @doc_ewaroy flavors inspired by her two girls @thefitrisisters 💐
Our take on the #brushstrokecake inside is layers of devils food chocolate cake, coffee butterscotch, timtams and chocolate cream cheese frosting
Mini pavlovas, caramel, passionfruit, coconut and cocoa, in pretty pastel hues
Experimenting with caramel flavors and found our new favorite, miso caramel. A whole new level of buttery salted goodness ✨#misocaramel
Pretty in purple
White chocolate mud cake, layered with strawberries and cream and finished with vanilla frosting. Purple and pink finish 💜💕
Happy Sunday! Weather's a bit chilly, but fingers crossed that the sun will come out later. We are at the Market with looking for a little inspiration. How pretty are the kale flowers 😍 #flowers #inspiration
#concretecake with textured sails, inside is a vanilla malt cake layered with doughnut frosting, and covered in vanilla frosting
Close up view of the #brushstrokecake
Inspired by the talented @kalabasa ; our pastel hues of #brushstrokecake 🌸