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Thanks to @NanaAbaDuncan for interviewing me on @cbcfreshair! I always love visiting the @cbc and am grateful for all the ways that they support Canadian artists. 😍
I love my friend Taes! She came out to the album release even though she had to be on live TV super early the next morning - above and beyond! She is so talented - if you have little ones, you must see her group @splashnboots because they are doing great things! (I am an adult and I love them too 😉)
Thank you to every single person who came to the album release tonight in Toronto. It was a bit of an emotional night for me...I really felt the love. My band did great tonight..grateful to work with this talented crew. Also, I must mention the awesome crew at GG ...it is obvious they only hire the best. Thanks to @splashnboots for this clip too! Again, everyone - Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sneaking up on the musicians.... 😂🎸🥁
Thanks for a great night, Calgary!!
Someone brought this ultra-rare UK radio sampler from 2013 to my show in Victoria...I'd never even seen one before! Very neat!
Sometimes you take a floatplane and meet Raffi! And he was such a sweet man! What a day. #mychildhooddream
I really needed this #rainbow today 🙏🏼
The moment before the show. Hermann's Jazz in Victoria, BC.  Thanks to everyone who joined us...I was so completely grateful that we had a full house. Victoria, thank you for being such a huge support to me 🎶🌹
Today's view. I like to spend my days off in the forest or on the farm whenever possible. Show days can be extremely stimulating and it's nice to get back to nature...just me and the crickets in the west coast rain.
I am just enjoying the 'Daydream' tour so much!! First night in Frankie's, in my hometown of Vancouver, was a blast! Thank for coming out and making it a full house! Thanks to Vincent Lim for the photo.
A sneak peak of my new french song (well, almost 😉)! It's called "Un amour bohème" and it's from my new album- available everywhere Sept 7th! 
p.s. check out my digs - I'm staying with the hobbits and renewing my energy before I hit the road! 🎶 
Album Release Parties happening at:

Sept 6th- Vancouver, BC - Frankie's
Sept 7th- Victoria, BC- Hermann's Jazz
Sept 11th- Calgary, AB- Ironwood 
Sept 12th- Edmonton, AB- Café Blackbird 
Sept 16th- Toronto, ON- Glenn Gould (CBC)
Sept 22nd- Buffalo, NY- Pausa Art House 
Hope to see you there! More Canada/US shows listed on my website.
www.tiabrazda.com 😘