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"I seem to have misplaced my pants."

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I miss that hypercolor shirt. Apparently I "like" my friends, "love" my family "and respects them." 😂 Unclear if I liked "shorts" or "sports" but was "happy for what [I] can do." Just happy to be here!
This lil kitten starts kindergarten today! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING #OUSDday1
Face food.
Final page of TK journal
Sextsnaps I send my wife when she's walking by a 24 hr donut shop on the way home from work 🍩
Just finished "Genius," James Gleick's biography of Richard Feynman, and am now struggling to grok just what in the heck is going on at the subatomic level. Somehow these "things"--tho "thing-ness" itself is starting to feel like a construct rather than a true state of being and matter--make up us and the universe. Can't say it makes any intuitive sense just yet.
6 minutes of commuting!
in support of women, everywhere!
If I've learned anything this life, it's "Don't waste waking up at 4am by doing anything other than baking sticky buns from scratch." #importantlifelesson #fellasleepat8pm