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The party.
To all my friends and family, old and new, here’s an update.

I was going through SEVERAL ups and downs with a cold, bronchitis, then pneumonia since early April. Been in and out of the hospital and everything. I haven’t said much. You haven’t seen me much. But FINALLY(!!!), with all that yucky sickness behind me, I have a clean bill of health and several posts I want to share! 
Yep. On April 28th, I became the 7th woman in my family to cross into Deltaland. That’s right; 2 Aunts, 4 Cousins, AND ME! I’ll tell ya what else is special. My line number... #7. 
I know I made a brief post the night I crossed just to be current with the events, but I HAVE to add this: Thank you to everyone who celebrated this moment with me. From your tears of joy, to your custom gifts, your thoughtful cards, your social media posts, your heartfelt phone calls, and your strutting around my Auntie’s pool with me while Brick House played in the background ...thank you to each of you!!! Many came from all over the country and rearranged TIGHT schedules just to be there. This milestone has been so memorable already because of you and I look forward to a lifetime of service and sisterhood. 
Trunks-Up to my 7-Clubs! Mids-Up to my Sands! I’m a proud neo owt here with a loud OOO-OOP for Deltaland! 
#DST #AOML #1913 #7Club #ThePioneer #OOO-OOP
It’s been a long, long time coming...OOOOOOOO-OOP!!!!!! #AOML
#TBT to just a couple weeks ago.  Walking the halls of Booker T. Washington with fellow Mademoiselles for our annual conference. This organization and this conference are so rich with resources and encouragement.  Our predominate focus is high school girls so if you have a niece, daughter, cousin, sister, neighbor, church friend, classmate, student, or anyone you know who may be interested, send them my way and let’s get them registered. Visit TheMLLESAlumnae.org for more. @mlles1960
The Mademoiselle Service and Social Club provides advancement opportunities to high school girls through community service, scholarships, exposure to financial development, career development, refined womanhood, sex awareness, and other target areas that impact young lives. Our biggest event of the year has been our annual Mademoiselle Conference and this year was amazing. Tell your nieces, daughters, cousins, friends, neighbors... MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR NEXT YEAR. The @mlles1960 will celebrate its 60th year and we’ve got big things planned! #Scholarship #ScholarshipApplication
Had a chance to hang with MY GIRLS (!!!🤗🤗🤗!!!) today at the annual Mademoiselle Alumnae Conference. @mlles1960 @citywidemlles #MLLES
Let me just say....The culture at METRO is one to model! I love and appreciate their embrace of Women’s History Month, and the diversity among staff is apparent. Way to go to their HR Department and Organizational Leadership!! Just sayin...every company ain’t like that. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Glad to be a part of this event!! Thanks again for including me!! #TinaBPoetry #METROHeadquartersHouston #JustMyTwoCents
Thanks again to Houston’s METRO Transportation system for having me today. Shout out to all involved in this production and celebration of Women! Looking forward to joining you again next year!
Celebrating Women’s History Month with Houston Metro today. An honor. Thank you for the opportunity.
Dear Brethren. The intent behind my #StayRighteous hashtag is to encourage and remind  us to pursue holiness, Christ-likeness, purity, and sanctification as we continue to stay conscious of social injustices that anger us. It’s okay to be angry. In fact, scripture condones sin...not anger in Ephesians 4:26. 
So #StayWoke my friends. Stay conscious, indeed. But all the while, be sure to #StayRighteous.
Shirts, posters, and bands. Available on my website. (Link in my bio).
For those who’ve inquired, shirts, bands, and posters are available on my website. (Link in bio).