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I write poems. I build buildings.


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Because sometimes you just gotta sit and talk to the people. Welcome to my living room, where my story lives and makes room for yours too. #Axelrad #PartyWithPink #HoustonPoetry #MotivationalSpeaker
I live for moments like this! Thank you sooo much @pinkprods for having me!
Because sometimes you just gotta sit and talk to the people. Welcome to my living room, where my story lives and makes room for yours too. #Axelrad #PartyWithPink #HoustonPoetry #MotivationalSpeaker
After 8 hospitals in my career so far...came the airport. #NewProject #NewClient #NewBallGame #ProjectManager #Houston
So I went to a Christmas party and walked away with these TWO books I can’t wait to dive into!!! MAJOR S/O to the homie @berrybestlife and my best friend (in my mind) Michelle Obama! #RideItOut #Becoming 🤗🤗
Finally. I've found time to slow down long enough to give a proper THANK YOU to all who attended the #PolishedHouston luncheon last Tuesday. I was overwhelmed with the support and this DREAM opportunity to combine and use my passions for speaking, construction engineering, and faith with an audience who appreciated it.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended, asked "how did it go?", shared the link, bought tickets, provided feedback, gave encouraging words, and on and on. GOOD NEWS: At the end of the event, someone wanted to know more about Christ! That, my friends, is an ultimate reward. My heart is glad.

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to more events like this and encourage you to find a Polished luncheon in your area and plan to attend the next one.

#EpicEvent #OneForTheBooks #SoliDeoGloria
Tomorrow. Tuesday 12/11/18. 
12noon - 1pm
2019 Post Oak
Houston, TX 
I’ll be speaking about MY STORY & MY FAITH at the “December Luncheon” hosted by Polished at the Maggiano’s Restauraunt near the Galleria. $25 Members (You Can Sign Up at The Door!)
$40 Non-Members

Tickets include lunch and can be purchased at the Polished link in my bio or at the door. Come!
I’ve become who and what I am because of who and what I chose to believe.
#AgainstTheOdds #Grateful
Tuesday, December 11th, 12-1pm.
A luncheon for Christian women in corporate america, presented by Polished, will be held. Click on the link in my bio to learn more about this AMAZING organization that I'm glad to participate in.

I made history as the 3rd Black female to graduate with a Construction Science Degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. I’ve worked in the industry for nearly 15 consecutive years but my journey has been far from easy. Most see me as highly successful and by the grace of God, I am. What most don’t know, however, is that my path began with utter embarrassment when I FLUNKED out of the Engineering program before finding my way to the world of Architecture/Construction. I then went to grad school for an MBA only to flunk completely out of the school before re-enrolling and graduating with an M.S. in Marketing instead. Once I graduated, I was later FIRED from two different companies and was filled with doubt, low self-esteem, and minimal confidence. At some point it seemed like I was only getting up to fall again.

It took years to reach where I am today. Years of hardship and growing pains have been bitter-sweet as I found wisdom and experience in everything that happened to me. I am now the Project Manager of a multi-million dollar renovation job here in Houston. I’m also a Real Estate Investor/Property Manager of 3 properties, and a traveling and recording artist who works for commission.

One of my biggest challenges of my faith, and subsequently one of my biggest testimonies, has been my construction career. Some may find it strange how every time I was fired, my next position came with a promotion and pay raise. I don’t think it was strange at all though. I was steadfast in faith and I believe the Lord honored me for it. The Lord led me to three major passages of scripture in those dark days; scriptures I still hold close to heart DAILY as I sit in front of my computer screen: Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 2:18-24, Colossians 3:23-24. 
The story of my career is one of hope and encouragement. I went from flunking (twice!) and being fired (twice!) to soaring and leading in my career, and I have NO QUESTION of God’s ability to comfort and to provide. I’ve become so much wiser and stronger because of every fall.

Come hear more of my story and my faith. 
Polished (Luncheon)
Dec 11th - 12 Noon
2019 S. Post Oak
Houston TX