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Ayo menangkan #TripLelakiMasaKini di bit.ly/LTDPONDS karena masih banyak kesempatan untuk ikutan trip ke Tokyo, Shaghai, Bangkok, Boracay, Maldives dan Raja Ampat. Gue juga akan ikut bersama kalian ke salah satu destinasi trip yaitu MALDIVES!
Caranya simpel : 
1. Beli POND’S MEN Pollution Out Limited Edition di Indomaret atau Energy Charge Limited Edition di Alfamart 
2. Upload struk ke bit.ly/LTDPONDS 
3. Upload foto dengan template  yang tersedia di website dan cerita singkat tentang rencana
liburan unik.
From the weekend archive / @woodka_ #vansvault
That feeling of the gloomy day while strolling around here. It’s been unreal yet excited to be the one happiness person in my entire life
You can treat yourself also by purchased “2-day fun” with just HK$60 more over a 1-Day ticket! Guests can also buy the 1-day ticket and receive a HK$50 merchandise coupon and one "buy one get one free popcorn coupon"
more info clickable on my bio #hkdisneyland #disneyholiday #snowyhkdisneyland @hkdisneyland #collaboration
Slow morning
What you can see is my smile at here, so in love with Disney and the rest of their stuff. What a wonderful escape from reality into another world! 
Anyway from November 16, 2017 till January 1, 2018, the Hong Kong park will be transformed into a winter wonderland where guests can experience a fairytale. You can treat yourself white Christmas from day to night from purchased room offer 40% or (bit.ly/hkdisneyland2017) more clickable info on my bio #hkdisneyland #disneyholiday #snowyhkdisneyland @hkdisneyland #collaboration
Art market is such a huge place, I can spend days here and still can find something new everyday. I like to take pictures here, and keep them as memories.
So, buat kalian yang masih nyimpen foto-foto keren pas liburan di Indonesia, langsung ikutan aja Lomba Foto Astra 2017! More info cek www.satu-indonesia.com dan menangkan berbagai macam hadiahnya! #LFAPA2017 #Astra60 #SATUIndonesia
Thinking of all good times here. Hope you’re all well! Have a blast one :)
I couldn’t resist to post multiple in a row just because - when you can find the aesthetic of crowded vibes. Glad to be exploring with my new luggage from @victorinoxid and i was writing this caption while find the best quote on pinterest but i couldn’t find it to suit this photos😂. You know writing caption is more more hard than edit this photos. #myvictorinox
I’m dreaming of a white christmas #marriottpartner #travelbrilliantly
I luv disney
Made it to the blank spaces & solo tree. It was incredible view over there. Everything the light touches and the calmness around. Can’t get over to looking over & over. #tinorenatojapan
Hitachi Seaside Park • 2017
📷 @nanagunawaan