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Somewhere in the clouds above the noise. With the busy hustle bustle it’s easy to get locked into the stress of todos’s. Take a breath, relax and handle it calmly. #getshitdone
Happy #flexfriday #fitfreaks. This weekends motto... Eat Clean, Train Dirty. Who’s w/ me?
Woohoo we’re coming to Philly. I’m so excited to host @thefitexpo Apr 28-29 at Philadelphia Convention Center. If you’re on the east coast, come be a part of this epic fitness event with thousands of other #fitfreaks. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 👊❤️👊
Happy Valentines from @carolinedecampos and I.  Blessed to share this day with you babe and to be the first fit couple ever to shoot @bodybuildingcom Bodies of Work 2018. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. 🙌❤️🙌 .
@carolinedecampos and I are very excited to announce our partnership with @midwaylabsusa. We’re looking forward to creating magic together 👊❤️👊 Take the world by storm. 
#midwaylabsusa #buildyourself
📷 @harrylhgfx
Startin the week off with a #Triumph 👊 #classic #motorcycle 📷 @michaelvoorhees
Smashin @iconmeals cod & quinoa for lunch. Clean eatin’ made easy 💪🦁👊
With every day comes a new challenge, another opportunity to better myself. Let the gains begin. 📷 @neveuxstudios 👊🦁👊
#fbf Found a few of my covers. Been a heck of a journey working with most major photogs in the biz. I get a lot of inquiries from aspiring fitness models about how to become successful in the industry. There’s really no secret. First you have to look the part. Than go after it yourself. Don’t rely on an agent or manager. Self submit your stuff to anyone you think you could reasonably work with. That’s how I got started. Just sent a few pics to each mag and started shooting thereafter. And when you do book, be professional and maintain a great rapport with photographers. They will keep you in mind for other gigs. Start by booking a shoot with the best photogs in the biz. Celebrating years of making magic together w @robertreiff @perbernalphoto @neveuxstudios @jasonellisphoto @alexardenti 👊❤️👊
#EOD exercise of the day single arm bicep curl to overhead tricep extension. Use free arm to spot and achieve failure. DM me for online coaching 👊🦁👊
Have a blessed day my friends.
Most things worth having don’t come easy.  Fight for the life you want and leave nothing to chance. Create the life you want or you’ll end up living someone else’s dream.