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I have tons of pictures like this and I love them. They belonged to my grandmother and when she died we split them up. I'm going to get this restored soon and let my mother have this original back. My great Aunt Nell (in the black blazer, standing by her father) was my love. When my grandmother died, she was devastated. They talked almost every day so right after she died, she started calling me. We cried together and we reminisced. It was therapeutic for me. 
Our last conversation, she told me that she had some money hidden around her house but she couldn't remember where lol We talked about Uncle Rich and we chuckled about her cussing in church the last time we visited, right after my grandmother passed, when this woman wouldn't stop staring at us throughout the service. We couldn't stop laughing cause she said, "I forgot where I was" lol It's my favorite memory because she held my sister's and I hand the whole service. I didn't know that would be the last time, before she was unable to speak, that I would hear her voice. I'm just missing her today and looked at this picture and reflected on how amazing these people are/were. If you've ever been in the presence of an Elam, you'll know them by their love. I've never seen siblings so loving and close.

My Great-Aunt Georgia (in the white) celebrated her birthday September 30th. I got to give her a quick happy birthday that night. She is the oldest living Elam at 92 and still just as lively on the phone and beautiful! When my Papa was dying of cancer, she called and talked to him for awhile and then took the time to comfort me. I was a mess that day and I was trying to hide it from him. She said all the right things and made me smile. I'm just taking a moment to recognize how dope my family is.

I think I'm just ready for a reunion. I miss everyone... Have a wonderful day!
One year ago today I revealed my cover art for this book. Taking a break from writing tonight to do a #tbt. Time truly flies...
I'm designing shirts from this poem I wrote for my sister and I. P1-Mama Peach, P2-Ruby Pearl, P3-Mom nickname Tweet, and Me and Sis.
The Life of an Introvert...always peeking and hiding lol #whosthere #didyoucallfirst #textme #imlayingonthefloor #donttakeitpersonal #thisneverhappens #nooneknowswherewelive
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sweet mother! My mom is my best friend, we laugh together, we talk about everything and we support each other in every way possible. I get all my talent from her, she builds me up and she has a love for her kids and grandchildren that is bigger than words can express. I have been blessed with not only a great mother but an awesome friend!
Speaking through my art...loudly...2018. Book 2 of Poetry, Novel, and African Boho Collection.
Today marks one year. It's still fresh and just as sad. You'll forever be a part of my heart. The best grandfather and friend. Miss talking to you about everything but I am so blessed to have soaked up your wisdom and your your unconditional love. Rest peacefully Papa 💕
I took a selfie...a true rarity. Distraction from writing for a minute.
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Just a reminder...there's more to come. #2018
My babies...
It's nearing the one year anniversary and I'm still so happy that I did this. This is actually my 2nd book so the next one will be my 3rd. That first one is hidden hopefully lol Next year, the next chapter of my writing begins.