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I'm still here, posting a little less because I'm working on new things. Also everything in the media drains me right now and sometimes it's all up and down my feed. I cannot talk about it here because it's so heartbreaking, too heavy for me. Rather than become infuriated online, I choose healthy discussions offline. I'm here more than I'm ever on Facebook because it's totally too much. Instagram is much easier. I hate that I miss so much though, I hate finding out things such as deaths and what not via Facebook. People don't pick up the phone anymore, even text it geez! It's just how disconnected we've become and it's sad. I have a busy few months coming up. I will get back to posting soon! Just wanted to say hey!
My 1st Brewers game. I had no idea what was going on but my kids had a blast! It is better than watching it on TV though. Had excellent seats, met his co-workers and tailgating. Overall fun weekend. One more day of activities and then thank God for Monday.
This is epic! Like I am so happy to see this. I love her books and I am so happy Ava is doing this because she'll do it right! Oh I used to hide my love for this genre for so long because it was not the norm but oh I am rejoicing! This made my day...
One day I'm going tell her story. The story of why she became the tough, no nonsense, resilient and protective woman she was. The story I only learned after she died. The story that made me want to wrap my arms around her one last time. If you knew my grandmother you knew the real her. She was hilarious, tell it like it is, and your biggest supporter. Each year it gets harder for me to post about her because it seriously hurts not having her here. She was always protective of me. You could never say anything sideways about me and she heard you, chew out was an understatement lol She was protective of us all. I miss her every single day but the beauty of memories, so vivid and present, I get to bring her alive to my kids. They know her name. They will always feel like they have her close. Today she would have been 73 and we would've celebrated just as hard if she was here as we will today without her. Rest peacefully My Beautiful Ruby Pearl. Happy Birthday from your baby girl! (I'm the oldest but she called me baby girl)
Still...1st down...So many more to come. #fbf
We play this singing game where I repeat everything she says. She always gets so tickled lol she loves seeing herself in the camera. These are the things she will look back on and crack up! She has a cold but she's still being silly lol
First birthday without you, still can't believe you're gone. So glad we celebrated your 70th last year. You are so missed and we'll never forget you. Still listen to voicemails and love hearing you say "What up Tye?" and "What's shakin' bacon?" wish I could call you right now. Happy Birthday Papa! Forever in my heart.
Everytime I make these, I say this is the best black bean burger I ever made. Again, this one was just yum! Added grilled onions and avocado...I'm about to be out! 😴😴😴
So about this...I have been having some of the most meaningful conversations lately. I absolutely hate small talk so I don't participate in it. The best thing about getting to a point in life when you recognize how your words are needed and effective, is learning how to say what you mean. It is also recognizing when to be completely silent. So much I have to write about...even more layers.
I was glowing and waiting...Patience is a beautiful thing. Happy Sunday!
I'm late posting this, it's been a long day but M.Haynes has released his 2nd book, "Return of AG'' today! You can purchase it at www.mhaynes.org or Amazon.com. If you missed the 1st book ''Legend of the Orange Scepter'' you can also purchase it on both sites as well. Also check out all the cool merchandise he has as well. My family is kicking butt in the arts! Congratulations @looseasadeuce!
I'm happy for him. Proud of him. Supporting him. He's an amazing young man, who more than deserves all of the great things coming his way. My cousin @easygreazy is coming to YouTube Red. My girls are so excited, they love the franchise and had me watching the trailer over and over again lol Saying that he's a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. Check him singing on YouTube, I've seen every last video so many times. Make sure you're watching, I will be!