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I love this man. He has never knocked my dreams, he only asked me how he could help me achieve them. I saw entrepreneurs in my family growing up (mainly my grandparents) and I learned so much from them but I was always too afraid to put myself out there 100%. I saw them pursuing passion and not just working for a paycheck. That was the best time of my life, working festivals, expos, and shopping for inventory. I was well groomed at 13 but so afraid to do it for myself. My husband understands it's more than work for me, it's pure passion, so he builds me up so much that I have no choice but to be great. 
When a man loves you enough to support your dreams make sure he also knows you support him. I tell him thank you for his hard work and he in turn thanks me for mine. He'll never let me quit even if I become so discouraged at times. He repeats, "You are the best at what you do." Those words keep me motivated and striving to be better each day. 
People didn't/don't understand why I do what I do (writing, designing, teaching my kids) and I used to care so much about other's perception of what I was doing until he said "Who cares? As long as we know, that's all that matters." With each accomplishment, this man celebrates me and I'm grateful. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm just taking a moment to show some love to my husband. He deserves it!
Official word count in! It was fun! Editing starts in January/February.
Happy 1 year anniversary! Revealing Layers was released one year ago today!
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The one year anniversary of Revealing Layers is approaching, so excited about how far it's come! It'll be on sale on the exact date of the release. I'll be posting excerpts all week, some of the faves people have told me they love and some of my favs too!
Me and my babes. Makeup done by my big baby. She loves doing it, so I don't mind being her canvas. @_laylizzle
When my uncle called to tell me that she passed, I didn't quite remember her until  he said Tammy and then it clicked. She used to be their roommate. I met her as a teenager and had no idea she was an artist. I wish I could have supported her in life and not just in death. Her artwork is amazing! She was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and two weeks later she passed away on November 4th. She has a daughter in college that is working 3 jobs so if you can please help out, here is the link to her GoFundMe. http://www.gofundme.com/tamaratheartist Swipe to see her artwork. Also check out her artwork here at: www.tamaranataliemadden.com
And scene...I'm tripping out! My first time participating and I was shook. This was not planned but I did it! 10 days. Insanity. I'm doing it again next year for sure. I'm going to sleep now for 10 days lol #NaNoWriMo