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Tracey & Danielle Niimi
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Could have sworn that Andy threw Kayla's garter right into Kapena's hand, or did Kapena make the steal from Nick? #kaydrewsayido
We took this photo on our first trip to New York last July.  Being able to visit the September 11 was an ocean of mixed emotions with how it so beautifully commemorates such a tragedy.  #WeWillNeverForget #911memorial
We got to celebrate with the new Mr.&Mrs. Shin during their amazing wedding day ❤️ Thank you Krys for not killing me when I brought our high school photos with me 😂😅 I cherish our friendship more than you know.
Congratulations Krystal and Eddie! So happy for you two!
Hard to believe this happened.  Mahalo everyone for your support!!! 🙏
Swipe ⬅️!!! I hope I don't get killed for this 😅
We always tell our brides and grooms that we'll catch the good AND the bad 🤣 it's all memories right?
Thanks Qiana for being a good sport 😁🙏
Swipe ⬅️ |  Your best man's face after he realizes he just dropped the ring 💍 😱 😅
Nice recovery @pt_kise 😂
Congratulations once again to Kayla and Andrew!
The past two months were a little hectic (but awesome) with 6 weddings in July alone.  We all need a change of pace every so often so @dniimi and I got a chance to get some r&r this weekend visiting our niece on Oahu. On Friday we snuck out before she woke up to catch the sunrise on the east side and flew the drone out 🌅
On another note thank you to our lovely clients for being so patient as we process out your photos ❤️
So cute these two 👰🏻🤵🏻
Sunrise session at Honoli'i with @irieizz 🏄🏽
Went for a moody morning edit for this set 🌅
Swipe ⬅️ to see how this hilarious reveal went down!
While Tim waited anxiously to have his first look moment with his bride before the ceremony, Malin (his bride) sent Tim's brother out instead 😂🤣 After relaxing Tim's nerves a bit, Malin came out looking amazing 👰
When the bride has had enough of her heels, and her bridesmaid finds that she had a rock wedged in it the whole time 😂😂😂
Not going to lie, this was totally posed. I was too worried about them falling off the stone wall which was actually fairly high 😳 Emily and Matthias were game for the shot though! Congratulations you two!