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💖🔐“ Love is consciousness.... “ ⏳💛 ➡️➡️➡️ done by: @events_by_kellye_ann_nora 👏🏾🙌🏾 Food By @peckish868 🍽🍱 thank you to @fashionfreaks.rs @hysteriafashions 👑✨ {part2}
💖🔐“ Love is the great cure, the great teacher, the great lesson “ ⏳💛 ➡️➡️➡️ done by: @events_by_kellye_ann_nora👏🏾 🙌🏾 Food By @peckish868 🍽🍱 Thank you to @fashionfreaks.rs @hysteriafashions 👑✨ {part1}
🖤❤️“ I don’t communicate my feelings, my entire family was like that. We’ve always sort of just swept things under the rug, I think that’s what makes me a good ER nurse. I don’t take things home with me, I can separate myself emotionally and just focus on what needs to be done but it also makes me pretty bad at relationships. I met my boyfriend while traveling in Europe last year. We traveled together for two weeks, then he came home and met my family, then we went to Mexico for a week. After that we talked every day. My boyfriend was the opposite of me, he was warm, happy and touchy. He’d even tell random strangers that they looked nice but I pulled back the moment we got too close and because I don’t like the feeling of being dependent on someone. My boyfriend was killed in a car crash at the end of January. He was alone in England and I didn’t even find out until days after it happened. I’ve tried to handle it like I always do. I try not to think about it or talk about it but it’s not working so well this time. I’m taking things more personally at work. If a patient comes in the ER with similar injuries, I always ask myself, “ What if this was him? “ ||| 💘🍷 Get 10% off this item with our code, “ morevibes10 “. @poppyapparelshop ❣️
💌 “ I got pregnant when I was twenty-two. It wasn’t planned. The father and I weren’t even in a relationship but I thought I could handle it on my own. I felt like a modern woman, I was in law school, I wanted to be a diplomat but oh man it was hard and I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with it. Society doesn’t treat the child of an unwed mother like a blessing. When you’re married and pregnant, people come up and ask all kinds of questions, “ is it a boy/girl? “ How are you feeling? But that doesn’t happen when you’re single. People saw me getting fatter but everyone avoided the subject. Instead they asked each other, “ what happened ? “, “ Do you know anything? “. I felt invisible, dropped out of law school because I felt so ashamed. Thankfully a few close friends carried me through. My daughter is eighteen now, everything turned out fine. “ ||| ❤️ Get 10% off this item with our code, “ morevibes10 “. @poppyapparelshop 💛
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