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Practicability • design • high quality • wit • kindness 💕 joy This is Toddiebag, our unique sleepwear for toddlers. Try it out! #hellotoddie

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#toddiebag101 Little ones cannot uncover themselves if they sleep in their Toddiebag ✨ Children are able to put their feet through the holes at the bottom of the sleeping wear, so they are not held back from moving if they wake up. Toddiebag has zippers on its side, so children sleeping on their tummies can rest comfortably too 💕 Have you tried it yet?
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❓How to dress my child under the sleeping bag? 💡 Your child should wear #pajamas or a #onesie But naturally, the temperature of the room, the current season and how much your child sweat influence this. If you click on our website (link in bio!) you can read the opinion of a mother who is an expert in dressing children 🤗 Hopefully you'll find there all the answers you need 💕 (click on the picture for details!)
Not sure which kind of Toddiebag to order? Let's see! 
Our advice is to order the thicker sleeping bag for winter ⛄️ and the thinner one for summer ☀️Of course, the question is more complex than it seems ☝🏻 In a room where it is always hot (even in winter) it is possible, that the thinner sleeping bag will be enough, however, in a cooler room the thicker one is better, even in summer. If you're still confused, don't hesitate. Contact us, and we'll help you as soon as possible ❤️ #toddiebag101
Let's continue our #toddiebag101 series 😉 What makes the Toddiebags different from other sleeping bags? ➡️ We are proud, that we invented the roll up socks for our sleeping bags. These #rollupsocks are useful because at night, they cover the tiny feet of your child. They're still helpful when your child doesn’t want to wear them as socks, because these keep the sleeping bag at the ankles, not allowing it to slip up to the knees, when your child pulls his/her feet up while sleeping. Give it a try and you'll experience the difference for yourself 💜 Any question? Type it in the comment section and we're here to help 🌈
#toddiebag101 🔸 What size to order?

Our general advice is to order a sleeping bag at least one size bigger (than your child's clothes) 💯 This usually ensures that the sleeping bag will last for a whole season. Still confused? Shoot us a DM, or comment here and we will help you as soon as possible! #faq
Be the reason someone smiles today ☀️ #hellomonday #hellotoddie [Tap on the picture for product details!]
Guess what! Next week is going to be allll about questions! We will go through the most frequently asked questions. What size fits my toddler? Should we use a blanket? Which kind of Toddie should we order? You're gonna find all the answers right here, starting next Monday 😉 See you there! #tgif
There are kids, who sleep well from the  beginning 😴 Also, there are kids can't calm down easily😫 As a reason, we (mothers) blame ourselves. We are here to tell you: it's  n o t  y o u 💞 time will help and sooner or later, all kids will sleep through the night 🌈 promise! ☝🏻 Until that, there are many things you can do to create a comforting night routine. We offer our bedtime stories to help you ❤️ Each Toddiebag has a matching tale, all you have to do is: 👉🏻go to toddiebag [dot] com 👉🏻 find the 'Tales' in the menu 👉🏻 choose one and let the story do the rest 😉 #sleepthroughthenight #babysleepingbag
Summer has arrived ☀️ Which means = vacay, endless days, long nights ✨ What are your tips to stick to the schedule? Share it in the comment section, let's help each other Ladies! #summertime #vacaywithkids
Many children (typically under the age of 7) need comfort objects to sleep (that's absolutely normal!) 🌟Tell us your child's fave item in the comment section 🌈
How much should we sleep? 🦉Scientists of the Chicago University studied 320 essays about sleep and found the following: contrary to the previous recommendations, they suggest that newborns need 14-17 hours of sleep, infants (4-11 months) 12-15 hours, tordlers (1-2 years) 11-14 hours, while preschoolers (3-5 years) need 10-13 hours of sleep daily! Do you agree? Tell us in the comments!