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despite my sweat, u stayed...
those that know, would know that 2018 has been an absolute shitfest for me. from 2017 to 2018, pretty much almost anything that could go wrong, went wrong. dance journey wise,  I’m starting to feel that everything has its own reason. and I am thankful for the shitty stuff that happened, because without it, I wouldn’t have took a leap of faith and try new stuff in a totally new place. I’m not afraid to be alone on my dance journey anymore, but of course, having a community and friends makes everything so much better. thankful to make new friends and create good memories. Let’s hope the last quarter of 2018 will b a good one.
But the thing about portraits is, you need to show people the way they want to be seen. And I prefer to show people the way as I see them. So in the end I’d probably just frustrate us both.
@kim_tsw you are a true homie ❤️
Lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset during a video shoot 🌿 Chill vibes while melting under the sun yo 🌞🌞🌞
🌼 Today I brought home a new family member of my stuffed kingdom called bobo, sponsored by @jameslopezchua 😗🌸
pink pigs strawberries cotton candies noses cheeks
💖 sum weekly wednesday lancing with all girls for past weeks 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
Haven’t had the chance to show off this guy. Photos from back at his POP. Gained many lessons and lost a lot of body mass HAHAHAHHAHA Not easy but first milestone done. Continue pushing ok 😗 also I think this is the most aesthetic POP photo ever taken at the Pasir Lebar camp. 🌳
h a m b u r g e r 🍔
Sometimes we get so caught up in the pursuit of improvement that we don’t realise that having a healthy body as our instrument to dance is already a privilege