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it’s getting really hard to focus on a single task @___@ why am I so unfocused
I always have too much or too little work 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m still bad at pacing myself and estimating my work load
I miss the sunny weather in January already
why rob a bank when u can rob a dog cafe and I don’t mean their money I mean their doggos I will bring the fluffies home kidding
I’m craving coffee but is it worth it not sleeping? hmm...
would u like some sunflowers
my schedule basically revolves around when do I have free time to watch Terrace House?
My edits are so wonky nowadays hahahahaha... I’m so out of it :( WHAT IS COLOUR.
back when we had the 6 month USS pass to relive Sesame Street 5 times in a day and escape from our crumbling 20s reality GAHAHAH
you’re not a robot, you’ve got a heart. & though it feels heavy, that’s where we’ll start
MARCH // Worked my butt off and accidentally destroyed my health in the process. Was it worth it? Nah. Would I do it again? Nah. Did I learn something? Yea. Did my best only to get walked over and didn’t even get a thank you. But it’s okay because it’s still a lesson learnt. Graduating in about a months time, and despite all the shitty stuff, there’s still many things to be thankful about. Heading to NTU Mass Comm, getting a shot at speaking at grad, helping out with RF, making new friends from overseas, watching Project Home, and many more things, even being able to breathe and still having a roof over my head. But I can’t deny that I’m falling behind in physical health and in my craft on many many areas due to the (useless) hustle in the past few months leading up to my FYP final sub. Time to get my body back into shape and train really hard for dance!! And also create many more things. Of course, finally learning the importance of pacing and resting. And to take care of myself, both in mind and in body..... After suffering the consequences of ignoring rest. It’s already May but 2018 has only just begun for me :’) MOVING FORWARD... (last 2 vids are best)