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Little reminders of my Dad stuck on my busy wall at work. Gentle nudges to always do my best (he loved his job), and treat people fairly (he was a sucker for the underdog)... The big picture is the Service Sheet from his funeral, and beside it is a photo of my parents when Mum was pregnant with me 😍. I think I am ready to write about the funeral now, so keep an eye out for that blog post to come.

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Check out my latest blog post - Age Appreciation... Talking about the local church, & the opportunities it offers my children to communicate and connect with folk of different generations.

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I love this... We often have Wally over for dinner; he is a older gentleman from our church who lost his wife a few years ago. He took a shine to our kids when we moved down from Auckland, & our kids love him to! Tonight Ashie just stuck to his side, totally dominated his attention and I am pretty sure Wally loved it as much as we loved watching them! It was the sweetest thing 😍. I also love that the kids are growing up learning to respect and interact with all ages - young and old.
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Every Friday night the kids choose pizza for our family night favourite! Quick and easy and reletively cheap! We do a kids pizza with just ham, salami & cheese. Then on the adults pizza we include spinach and capers - it's a winning combo, EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK 😂
A spectacular cloud formation over our neighbours house this evening... It was my son who spotted it, & asked me to take a picture, initially I said no; but he looked so sad, that I relented and stopped what I was doing to take a photo. It made him feel much happier that Mummy stopped for him, & noticed something he was excited about, it didn't take me long to take a photo; & on looking back - it is pretty spectacular and definitely photo worthy. A Win-win for us all... #sunset2017 #clouds #spectacular
We got to go to Zirka Circus yesterday - absolutely spectacular, the kids loved it 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎊🎊🎈🎈👌👌👍👍 #zirka #zirkacircus #2017
In the quest to 'rediscover me', I have found the time to read again! I have written two poems (both can be found on my blog - link in profile), & I am starting to finally remember what it was that made me tick! I remember as a child, hearing stories from the adults in my life, of the things they used to do as kids - but had stopped now. I thought this was normal, that as a child you wiled away your time on frivolous things such as (in my case) reading and writing; but come adulthood - these things were put aside for the more important task of 'adulting' 😉! But the older I get, the more I yearn for the old me - the one I used to know, the one who knew instinctively what it was that I needed to do, for me. Life is not all about work and responsibilities - there has to be moments of pure selfishness that allows you the chance to escape and fall back into that child-like world, where you can just be; in whatever way fills your soul. Reading and writing does this for me - one gives me the opportunity to run and hide, and one gives me the opportunity to process life my way and when I am ready. Both of these things are precious, and make me who I am... No wonder I have not felt fulfilled for such a long time.
The most amazing moon at the moment; it's like day time in the middle of the night! #fullmoon #spring2017 #daytimeatnighttime
And the sun is setting on our first Fathers Day without Dad 💔. We have survived, tears and all...
Happy Fathers Day Dad 💔
When good friends visit... Despite the age difference the kids get on really well! Always lovely to spend time with wonderful friends xxx
Welcome spring, we are very happy to see you here! With the warmer weather and (hopefully) more sunshine, we're hoping you will banish the winter bugs and blues!