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Thanks to @nadialimcooks and @aynsleyhickson for the breakfast inspiration! Creamy Brown Rice Porridge is fantastic, and something that we can all eat safely, and enjoyed this morning! I highly recommend it... Here is my bowl topped with natural yoghurt and prune syrup! #breakfastinspo #sogoodforyou #seriouslytasty
I managed to complete one job today - the mess above is no more! I hauled the kids into helping me inventory the kitchen; Ash took things down, Lydie wrote the list... I cleaned and organised (see next photo). We then went grocery shopping, and the cupboard is even fuller now, but still 'tidy'! I also refilled and rearranged my glass jar drawer. Feeling pretty pleased with my efforts today 👍! #organisation #kitchenorganization #bringinginthekids #lifelessons #teachthemyoung #tidy
The silver lining of being up with the birds (& the youngest child) is this... It's not very often that I get to see these morning colours, as I am normally getting ready for work, but this morning is Sunday and this morning is slow. #redinthemorning #dueforrain #shepherdswarning #beautifulcolours #nofilter #winter2018 #newzealand
My girl had a sleep over last night, and I am pretty sure that she fell asleep quicker than lightning tonight! Must be missing her little friends, as I found her curled up with her American doll we brought back from Hawaii for her ❤️!
Today we went for a LONG walk with the kids and our friends, I had no idea that Turangi was so beautiful. These photos are just a few of the most gorgeous scenes we saw on our walk, we had such a lovely time away... Need to do this more often, & explore our amazing country. #newzealand #ilovenewzealand #ilovemycountry #northisland #centralnorthisland #gorgeous
A splash of colour in the middle of a dull day...
Rain, sleet and snow... Followed by hot chocolate with friends. Great way to start the school holidays. #friends #snowandmountains #schoolholidays #hotchocolate #sharedexperiences #friendship
I think I need to do an inventory of my pantry, followed very closely by my fridge and freezer... Followed again by my life 🙄! I haven't baked for the kids for this entire term, or at least it feels like that! I have become very absorbed in the food issues again, and trying to stay ahead of the game so hubby always has safe food available. However, this has meant that the rest of us have missed out; and my To-Do List keeps growing, not decreasing. #toobusy #lifedoesnotwanttostop #lifewithsibo #toomuchtodo
Reading 'Anne Of Green Gables', the goal is to read it in a month! Struggling with the language, but enjoying the story! #anneofgreengables #readingtheclassics #8yearsold
Sooooooooo freaken excited that these finally arrived today, been waiting for nearly a month! My birthday present to myself... #happybelatedbirthdaytome
It's a weekend of extremes this weekend... Celebrating the oldest member of the family today, followed by the youngest member tomorrow! Happy 90th to Nana J, and happy 1st to Baby M - swipe to see the birthday girls, & the gorgeous cake made especially for Nana J 😍💖
Gorgeous sunset and full moon (well almost full moon anyway)! Just beautiful, a lovely reminder that life is good!