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It's been another busy weekend... Most of what I did wasn't worth photographing, I did double batches of muffins and mini meat loaves as I won't be around this next weekend, so in order to make sure we don't run out of safe food for hubby - it's been full steam ahead! But two things worth mentioning - I got my blind up in my kitchen finally, heading into our third summer and the nagging has got through! The sun streams into my kitchen from mid afternoon until sunset, so in the summer I am cooking dinner in at least 30oC, with sweat pouring down my face - it's hideous! I also managed to bake two pies for dessert, both rhubarb and apple but one is #glutenfree and #dairyfree (& both #sugarfree ) while the other is using puff pastry, because I love it so much! Can you tell which is which?
I thought I had a lot swimming around in my head last night! Busy, busy... #todolist #tomuchtodo #notenoughtime
I have been unwell for the past couple of weeks with a sinus infection and a 'virus', so exercise has been minimal - no gym, and not even any walking at break time 😨! But today the antibiotics have finally kicked in and I made the effort to get out! So worth it... #beautifulflowers #spring2018 #purple
Where there is a will, there is a way... #reading #kidsreading #kidsread #likemotherlikedaughter
Massive thank you to @kidspot (New Zealand) and @springbrookfoods for the Fitbit 2 and the jars of their #allergyfriendly spreads / dips, and the lovely note that came with it! We are loving the flavours (have tried them all 😉), and I have set up my Fitbit already!
Trying something a little different tonight... I only cooked the kababs in soy sauce, and wasn't really sure what else to put them with. Anyone else got some great kabab sauces, and ideas for side dishes? This went down a treat, so would like some other ideas! Thanks in advance...
Well, an afternoon well used... Some #glutenfree and #dairyfree muffins (original recipe courtesy of @lunchwithleah ). Then a double batch of biscuits for the kids - half with dark chocolate and apricots, and half with raisins and mini marshmallows, these are made with wholemeal flour and rolled oats. Then tonight's dinner and some lunches this week - little spaghetti bolognese muffins, inspiration from @therootcauseau but adding in extras to empty the fridge (and grated veg as well)!
I am grateful for family pets... They bring love and companionship, and teach us (especially children) a whole lot about life. Our cat is very gentle and sweet, and very much a part of the family. #gratefulness #novemberisgratefulnessmonth #thankful #thankfulnovember #familypets
Tonight I am #grateful for some peace and quiet (hopefully the kids are finally asleep), and a break from all work... No computer, no writing, no website; just some peace and a bit of quiet! #novemberisgratefulnessmonth #thankful #thankfulnovember #gratefulness
Today I am #thankful for blue skies and warm temperatures! I am also #thankful for walks in my breaks (I call them 'sanity breaks'), and my daughters sunglasses... I have currently misplaced my glasses, and my eyes are so sensitive, that I would have missed my walk if I didn't have her little pink ones ❤️! So lots of things to be #thankful for today! #novemberisgratefulnessmonth #thankfulnovember
#thankful for a hot cuppa, a chocolate chip biscuit and some time with my Mum @kiwimeskreations ❤️
November is the month of #gratitude so I thought I would join in as well... I know we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in NZ, but I have always believed that this would be a much better holiday / celebration to adopt than Halloween! So I am going to make November a month for celebrating here in my home... So every night over dinner we are all going to tell the family something we're thankful for, and everyday I am going to post something on Instagram. I know we're already 4 days in, but better late than never... Anyone want to join me? Day 4 - today I am grateful for sunshine slipping in through the curtains! Yesterday was wet and cold (so I was very grateful for our fire), so today I will be catching up on washing and some Vitamin D. What are you grateful for today? #gratefulness #novemberisgratefulnessmonth #joinme #day4