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Has anybody else got a little bit of something special that they have hung onto all their life? I was gifted this beautiful journal when I was about 17, and instead of filling it full of thoughts and dreams - I slowly filled it full of poetry that I wrote between 1992 and 2002. Just inside the cover of this journal, is a small yellowing envelope with a card inside. This card - handwritten, to the fifteen year old me, by someone who was in the publishing business back then. I don't remember the specifics of her visit, but Mum gave her some of my writing and her response made my young fifteen year old heart skip a few beats. And re-reading it again recently, it still makes my (slightly older 😉) heart skip a few beats... And kicks my butt for getting so far off track over the years! It's time to take back the years I have lost, and get back to my roots. #iwillbeback #gettingbacktomyroots #takingbackmydreams #writinginmyblood
I love this time of year - it reminds me that it's not just houses that need a spring clean, but often times our habits get a bit dull and lifeless over the long winter break. Lighter evenings are good for exercise, and spring flowers are great little reminders that there is always something positive in our lives to focus on! What are you doing to prepare for the summer? I am going to the gym 3x a week these days, and have arranged with my workmate that once the mornings lighten up again after daylight savings starts, we'll be back to our morning runs... #lifeisbeautiful
I splashed out this year and bought myself the #livingwellplanner ready to take on next year and our soon to be live website... Life is going to get busier very soon, and I am ready! Thank you to @ruthsoukup for this little piece of inspiration, I am looking forward to filling it up! #crushingit
For those who wanted the #glutenfree and #dairyfree biscuit recipe I posted pictures of in the weekend... This is my base recipe, unfortunately I can't give credit as I printed it out 8 years ago and have no idea where I found it now. I have adjusted it over time as well - the more crunchy you like it, the longer you bake it, I always bake it 13-14 minutes in my oven and it's not too crunchy, but not soft either. I just add my own additions - I use Pams dark chocolate chips which are dairy free, and other times I have used raisins, dried apricots, just plain - this last time was chocolate chips and small baking marshmallows (also Pams). I use two eggs per recipe, but the original was just one... I find its a bit dry with only one egg, but two makes the mixture sticky, but that is easier to flatten them. These tend to puff up, rather than spread out like normal biscuits - which is why I like two eggs, as I flatten them with a fork when I put them on the baking tray. Anyway - hope you all like them! #glutenfree #dairyfree #baking #biscuits #cookies #recipe
Tonight's task (well, one of tonight's tasks 😉) was to finally use the #glutenfree and #dairyfree pastry I had taken out of the freezer over the weekend! Had made a double batch of this pastry a few weeks ago (and as always, used the @mummymadeit recipe) but hadn't managed to do anything with it! But hubby now has 6 sausage rolls and a big pastie type thing for lunch tomorrow! I am still very impressed with the pastry, and it handled the freezing so well... I am a big fan!
Got my bake on today - #glutenfree and #dairyfree choc chip and marshmallow biscuits! Despite making a double batch, I doubt these will last the week!
While they bicker and argue with the best of them, they are also best friends! On Tuesday I found them like this - big sister reading a Famous Five Book to little brother. Then the next day it was his turn to read to her - he might not be at the same reading level as her, but she encourages him and praises all his efforts. It is a lovely thing when we see them playing and working together. #familylife #brotherandsister #reading #playingtogether #workingtogether #doinglifetogether
New Plymouth, you beauty... What a simply stunning day to be spending time in Taranaki! Having a girly weekend with my longest standing BFF. #taranaki #newplymouth #newzealand #spring2018 #girlsweekend #bestfriends

Thanks for sharing your wife / Mum with me @robfish.co.nz @dyani_vaz @capri_vaz @jayazmaiin
There were thoughts being 'thinked' this Fathers Day - did you think some too? Take a read of my new post and see if anything resonates with you?! Let me know if it does... Link in profile! 
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Just been hit with a massive hail storm out of the blue! #newzealand #spring2018
Happy Fathers Day to my love... Thank you for being the best Dad our kids have ever needed! You have always been there for them, and have been their strongest advocate and their biggest fan! They are blessed to have you in their lives, and one day they will appreciate just how much ❤️. #happyfathersday #2018
It might be dull and wet outside, but that doesn't stop the tree from blooming with all its might, right here right now! And shouldn't we be doing the same? Whatever your current life circumstances are - we can still choose how we respond to it, and make the decision to bloom just where we are - right here right now! Let's finish 2018 with a bang, and choose to bloom right where we are! #2018goals #bloomwhereyouareplanted #chooseyourresponse #doityourway