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NZ Wife & Mummy. Passionate about food, health, family & faith. Cooking allergy-friendly food around full-time work. Come join the chaos we call life!


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Day Two (of 7); Black and White Photo of my life - no words, no people... #blackandwhitechallenge #day2ofblackandwhitephotochallenge #photochallenge #blackandwhitephotochallenge
And the weekend comes to an end again... So grateful I got the chance this time to get some prep for the week ahead done; it's a bit of a guessing game each Sunday as to whether or not I manage to! This week the kids will be getting #mini #chocolatechip #muffins and we have #minifritattas as for snacking on! Although both the kids had their eyes on the fritattas as well!
Many hands make light work #helpingdaddy #landscaping #spring2017
7 Days, 7 Black and White Photos of my daily life... No people, no explanation. I nominate @mrsaewilson to join in! #7daysofblackandwhite #dailylife #sundaymorning
Making Damper - a family tradition in my sis-in-law family, and tonight she introduced us to it! Making the dough, putting it on a stick, cooking it over a fire and then eating it filled with sugar and butter! Not so sure about eating this just before bed, but it has been a wonderful evening... Thank you Andrew and Amy 😀!
It is the most AMAZING sunset tonight #sunset #spring2017 #newzealand
Lazy hazy #sunset I am loving this #warmerweather and the promise it brings of #summerdays coming! #spring2017
Happy birthday Wally - we're so glad we could give you a little surprise, & make your birthday a bit special this year!
Amazing skies this afternoon over my work place. #spring2017 #clouds #sky #newzealand
For a fleeting moment this morning there was a beautiful shimmer of colour...
My ever practical daughter, still believes in the Tooth Fairy... She has spent all day putting together a whole range of letters and drawings and questionnaires for her, despite not having lost a tooth 😂! But I guess that is my evening gone as I go through all these pieces of paper and try my best not to disappoint her 😎😎
While I have spent the day working, my family has been quite contented and busy; surprisingly so! From elaborate inside huts (which of course wasn't used in the end, can you see my little blondie? 🤣), to very elaborate car racing tracks outside 🛣️! Big stories and pictures to the Tooth Fairy (she hasn't lost a tooth, how can I tell her that the Tooth Fairy won't even see what she has done until she loses another tooth 😳). Lots of work going on outside as well, so excited to see some colour in our backyard... Think it's time to put the work away and join the family 💻!