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NZ Wife & Mummy. Passionate about food, health, family & faith. Cooking budget-friendly food around full-time work. Come join the chaos we call life!


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Our garden is coming along nicely - our first two brocoli are harvested, with many more to come! The tomatoes aren't far off turning juicy red, & the gorgeous sunflowers add a touch of colour! #gardenupdate #veggiegarden #landscaping #summerdays #summer2018
The check list... My daughter is going on a sleep over tonight, and she is a girl after her Mothers heart - check lists baby, the only way to go! 😍😍😍😍 #childofmyheart #checklists #doingitright
Waiting for the storm to arrive... #newzealandsummer #january2018
My reading list for the whole year; it's going to be a busy year for us, so I don't have time for a big reading pile! So this is it... If I can get through these, I will be a happy girl 😀! #reading #books #goals #2018 #2018goals
I am so freaken proud of myself - I have been thinking about setting up an excel spreadsheet to track our budget for a LONG time, but didn't think I had the skills or time to do it! I found a very basic format the other day, & decided to play with it to make it more suited to our circumstances - and here we have it, almost finished and ready to go for the year! Formulas and everything all done, & ready to work... Can't believe how much I have done and learnt to have completed this by myself 😎😎😎!
#budgeting #budgeting101 #spreadsheets #excel #learningasIgo #selftaught #proudaspunch
I know it's hot, but... Roast Pork with 'The best cracking ever' according to my son! Sooooooooo good 😋! #roastpork #bestcrackling #hotdayhotfood #happyhubby
The kids decided they wanted to 'camp' outside tonight, and so they did... At least for half an hour (Ashie), it's been over an hour and the big one is still hanging in there. Wonder how long she will last?!?
Family 💕 @hicksonjenny
Golden Porridge for breakfast, & Golden Milk before bed... With all this gold, something good has to happen on the inside 😂! Tumeric with ginger and cinnamon in the porridge, & milk with tumeric and honey in the drink... #tumericadaykeepsthedoctoraway
I have a love/hate relationship with holiday time! I have come back to over 200 emails and paperwork from here to Africa *sigh*. Day 4 and I have yet to start entering anything, because so many unexpected things have been thrown my way the last three days... Hopefully today 🙄🙄🙄
Our garden and backyard is starting to look amazing! I know I keep putting updates up on IG - but seriously, just look at the difference to the last update! I am getting so excited, and really looking forward to the end of this journey! #gardenupdate #landscaping #landscapephotography #garden #excitingchanges
2018 - here I come, ready or not 😂! This year is all about WORK, not just in the physical 9am-5pm sense; but in other area's I have been slacking on as well. So to that extra 10kgs I have gained in the past year - be prepared to move on, cause you ain't staying around here! #2018 #2018goals #10kilosbegone #loseweightforlife #claireturnbull #doingittherightway @claire.turnbull