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Made Zaco's for dinner tonight... You might be wondering what on earth I am talking about, I would have asked the same thing a few days ago! Zaco = Zucchini Taco! Well, in our world its really a 'Maco', Marrow Taco 😂, as our zucchini turned the corner and grew super fast, super quick! But whatever you want to call them makes little difference to the flavour - every single member of the family ate everything on their plate tonight, and have asked for them again... And I will be obliging sometime soon 👍😉! #zaco #zucchinitacos #familyhit #foodforeveryone #lovedbyall
It was a party day today... Very proud of my 'Hot Air Balloon' cake, (decorating cakes is not a talent I have ever obtained)! The party grew in size, but it was laid back, fun & full of memories 🎊🎉🎂🎁🍰🎈! My big boy had a wonderful time, & we're all exhausted... #6yearsold #birthdayparty #birthdaycake #funforall
My baby turned 6 today 🎂... I am not sure where the time has gone, but suddenly he is no longer a little boy. He has lost his two front teeth, he is using much bigger words, he is standing up for himself (although big sister is still his idol). But he still loves his Mummy, gives the best cuddles, has compassion pouring out of him, is generous and kind to everyone, & has the cutest smiles. Very proud to be his Mum; what an honour to shape this young man to make a difference in the world 🌎🌎
So while my grazes have been healing up nicely, I have been having to learn patience in a whole new way... Due to blacking out unexpectedly (the reason I fell on Friday morning), I am on a very restrictive leash right now! I am not allowed to run or drive, and the Dr would prefer I wasn't left alone at all at the moment. We are 99% sure it is just low blood pressure, but until I get some further tests done - all the precautions will stay in place. So my poor hubby is having to drive me to work and pick me up again... I can't run or even walk alone, and I am having to be patient with myself as well! I am still struggling with exhaustion, and at times can't find the right words at the right time, I am also finding that I'm a bit short with the children. It has been an interesting few days here... But there are always silver linings if you choose to find them - so I am on the look out for them:
1) My husband has really come into his own, he is very patient and has taken on the extra responsibilities without even  hesitating. 
2) My Dr is taking this very seriously, & looking into every angle - nothing will be missed, and for this I am eternally grateful. This means when I am given the all-clear, we know everything really is OK!
3) It happened a whole month out from our big trip - which means all the grazes will be gone before we head off to Hawaii!
4) I didn't get a very good Easter, so this long and very quiet weekend was like a small reprieve - a necessary holiday of sorts.
5) I really have nothing to complain about - this is short-term, & not life changing or life threatening in any way. I can pick up where I left off in a reletively short space of time.
#blackout #injury #runningisdangerous
And so the cold, dark, wet & windy season begins... Oh for a few more weeks of summer sunshine! #autumn2018🍁 #fireplace #woodforwarmth #newzealand
Running is dangerous - this is almost the least of the grazes, I am sore enough that I have been told to take the day off work, & get up to the Doctor to have ALL the grazes cleaned out properly! *sigh*, there goes my running for a few days! #runningisdangerous #exercisehurts #donttrythisathome
I am loving this - we have severely restricted the kids time on the electronics recently, as we'd realised that it was almost becoming a virtual babysitter for us. What a difference a few days makes - so much more imagination playing going on, more reading, more arts and crafts, and more board games. Yes - it means we're not getting as much peace and quiet, especially on weekend mornings (🤔), but it's so worth it when I see moments like this... This is what family is about. #doinglifetogether #familylife #bantheelectronics
My kids seem to be making a habit of losing two teeth on the same day... The Tooth Fairy will be poor again this week! And this child can't seem to pose nicely for a photo - after shot 4 I gave up, & he was over it 🤣! As I can't decide which photo is the best of the lot, I have put them all up for giggles 😂! #twoteethononeday #toothfairy #poortoothfairy #neverdothingsbyhalves
Despite all the work going on at our local lake (proven by the photo of a digger 😉), we had a lovely two hour walk around it yesterday in the gorgeous autumnal sunshine with @kiwimeskreations - so grateful for family!
The weather can't quite decide what to do... Along the bottom is quite a big ridge of black rain clouds, followed by gray clouds, then whiter fluffier ones, & finally topped off by a brilliant blue sky! #4seasonsinoneday
Lemon and Lime Butter Cookies - recipe courtesy of @bitenz , sooooooooo good! Fresh lemons and limes from my Mother-in-law 😍
My daughter is seriously the best bed-maker in our family 😍😍😍. I love how she takes things on, & does it to the best of her ability - such a perfectionist 💖