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ME every week!!! I won’t be the flaw, bih I’m trying to lay down right quick or let’s go next week friend in 2018. Please be patient with me 😂
when your cousin knows #MARTIN is life! 💜 thank and love you @teamtaylor1123
I can honestly say #MeToo, but I don’t want to go into detail... What I will say is... it makes a beautiful person on the outside feel like shit on the inside, but through constant prayer and the strength our good God has given us... we can and WILL survive! The questions, the guilt, the self-doubt and shame that these situations leaves you with isn’t for you to somber over, believe it or not, I think they’re obstacles God chose us to go through so that we could be a blessing to others that may night be as strong as us. I’m thankful my enigmatic pass has turned into a meritorious life that I know for a fact that God is leading! Even up to this day I have to deal with daily gay jokes and I’m constantly judged on my soft-voice, my walk, my appearance or simply the way I live, but because they don’t know my story, I don’t give them the glory of seeing someone as strong as myself... HURT! #MyDarkTruth #TheTruthHurts
Happy Birthday to the kid everyone think is my son, my nephew, Barry! I’ve been down with the kid since day 1 and Uncle Toine is going to ride this thing all the way out with you kiddo. Love you to the moon and back, just can’t believe you’re 14! Happy Birthday, Sneed💙
@IAmChanteMoore just slid through our #InStudioJam and straight murdered her classic... Chante’s Got A Man!!! Loved her positive vibes and energy♥️
@radiobigmack said he can always tell when I’m happy... I walk in like THIS 😩😂
Awwww... I just got instant baby fever 😍 that smile is from Heaven
THIS GUY RIGHT HERE... is the absolute TRUTH and reminds me everyday to be STRONG, be FEARLESS, let my heart remain BEAUTIFUL and believe that anything is possible! Thank you for believing in me @reginaldsaunders