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It the ones soooo close to you! ‘They’ don’t want you to win!!! God will send somebody from the other side of the world with a blessing you don’t even have enough room to receive. Believe me you... these lil nuggets don’t pop up on our timelines just to pop up. God is trying to tell us something
Did you just point at me!? [and I caught that “oh! Yeah” Ms. McCain] if you’re going to come for someone, make sure it’s not #Whoopi! Lead host of #TheView had to get Judge #JeaninePirro all the way together after being accused of having “#Trump Derangement Syndrome” #ABC #TheView #DayTimeTV #HOTTopics #Toine360°
Now wrong is wrong, but Mr. Officer is even more wrong! You don’t arrest anyone by swinging on them. The hell! I can’t even think straight with all this chaos happening in this video. The officer know better to react like this and his tone and language was so uncalled for 🤦🏾‍♂️
🤔 I have like 50 sides of the family and I think they all love me! Can’t really answer this
When #Amazon call and say they’re ready to cut that $5,000 check
@Amazon has completely tried it! I ordered 2 shirts, one that said #ImpeachTrump and the other to wear for my birthday tomorrow that read #1987Classic. Well, the #ImpeachTrump shirt came but I feel as if #Amazon has a #Trump supporter working for them because the order was followed up with a pro-trump messages. Someone there wanted to personally attack and insult me by sending this pro-trump message, my birthday shirt NEVER came UNTIL today 7/18/18.... I’m appalled and feel as if I’ve been personally attacked [#Tag #Tag #Tag @balleralert @theshaderoom @shaunking @thejasminebrand_ @local10news @wsvn @nbc6inthemix @nbc6 @wendyshow @theviewabc @rscomedy] #Amazon #AmazonPrime #Trump #DonaldTrump #God #Family #Guns #1987 #Classic #ShoppingWhileDem #HelpMe #TheyNeedToFixThis
📨 #MessageReceived: This ain’t a game and nobody can’t tell me this word ain’t for me 🙌🏾 #LevelUp #WatchGodWork [📷:@williammurphyiii]
like all jokes aside Lord, I need you to come through for your boy! I need a breakthrough! A new atmosphere! A new direction... you know what I need and you know when I’m ready! I pray nows the time 🙌🏾
ME when #Fantasia dropped her anniversary song this morning #YoureTheOne #NewMusic @tasiasword #RockSoul #HappyAnniversary
Happy 4th Anniversary to my favorite @tasiasword and her amazing, supportive, always there husband, Ken! I love the both of you and thank you so much for making me the lil bro of the gang💜