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Another frame from the short film ‘scattering mark’. A film about two brothers reuniting to take their late dogs ashes for one final walk.

Been a hive of activity recently with different projects. All good fun. Keep your 👀 peeled. 
A frame from a short film I’ve been working on with my friends called ‘scattering mark’. Currently in post production.

A film about two brothers reuniting to take their late dogs ashes on one final walk. Filmed around Littledale, Wray and Wennington.

A frame from another short I’m working on with @jackhartleyactor. Really silly. This fella is called Stephen Wilkinson. We churned it out yesterday.  Currently all over the cutting floor. 
Couple of #BTS shots from a short I made with a couple of pals on Friday. Currently editing it into its final form. Was a lovely day, we met a chicken, melted in the sun, shot around a Harley Davidson rider who insisted on standing in the back of a scene and ate far too many flapjacks. 
It’s called ‘scattering mark’ and is a little tale about two brothers who take their late dogs ashes for one final walk. 
Crew and production wise it was a cobble together and a free for all. Punk style diy filmmaking. People who helped make it happen, @krissfosterkrissfoster, @zacbarfoot, @aarondunleavy, @ohmydearkiki. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
My pal Craig. 👊🏻
Halfway up a hill.
Went for a wonder up the old man of Coniston the other day. I’ve been up several times and the view has usually been about as good as looking through a bucket of dirty dishwater. The weather was on side this time and the views were pretty special. There was a dude in a paraglider cruising about too. *****
Caught the sunset across Morecambe bay this evening. Taking in the sights whilst I ate a Snickers ice cream as non of the local venders were still open. Made me realise I prefer Snickers ice cream to an actual Snickers. Silver lining to the missing out on real ice cream situation. 🌅 #morecambebaysunset
Good times hanging in the secret garden early morning with Peggy Sue and LP (@ohmydearkiki). #endlesssummer 🙌🏻
Costa del Morecambe yacht club catching the sweet waves. 🌊 🚣‍♀️ 🤙🏻
Ingleborough over there.
Just four earthers on the lash in Newcastle. ❤️#mrbenandthebens
Riiight then. I made a short documentary with my friend Jon Randall the last few months and there’s a free screening at @thedukeslancaster, this Sunday 5-7. ‘give me today, anytime’ is a warm celebration of domestic life in the northern towns of Lancaster, Preston and Barrow. This short creative documentary presents a collage of vignettes within contemporary households, held in conversation with voices from the past. From ‘curtain-twitchers’ to aficionados of ‘cheapy-Nandos’, a cross-section of Lancashire and Cumbrian urban society reveal their daily rituals with warmth and humour. 📽📹🎥📺🖥🤙🏻👌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻 With the loving help of @ohmydearkiki, @aarondunleavy,, @alanmarklivesey and lots and lots of contributors.... !