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I look at this sign every time I leave the studio and remind myself how blessed I am to be here. Lord knows I had to fight through some BS to get here but that was all part of God’s plan. It’s okay to fall, it makes your chin strong and mine is stronger than ever- has to be to support this sassy mouth 💁🏼 #TeamTomi #FoxNews #blessed #dreamjob
Red lips are all fun and games until you realize that sh*t doesn’t come off. Lips be lookin’ like that election map for the rest of the night 👌🏼 #TeamTomi #MAGA #redlips
Oh Dallas, I've missed you. Until next time! #TeamTomi #Dallas #BottledBlonde #Squad
I've got good neighbors. Keep holding that line and know that millions of patriots like me have your back! #backtheblue #redondopd #holdtheline #TeamTomi
Got the official Fox News headshots but don't let the smile or the blue fool you, I've got plenty of hell for the Left 🤗 #TeamTomi #FoxNews #Fox
School night fashion show for @rochelle_goodrick with miss @shaewilbur #TeamTomi #fashionshow #rochellegoodrick #LA
I'm so sick of these Liberal elitists looking down on gun owners as if we are just a bunch of rednecks clinging to guns for no reason. NEW Final Thoughts posted on @foxnews and my official FB page. #TeamTomi #gunrights #2A #guns #finalthoughts
Last night I was back in Las Vegas with Hannity and the Fox team to cover the horrific massacre in my college town. I saw the busted windows, the trampled barricades and met a man who watched his wife get shot in the head beside him. Heavy night. Sin City, they call you a lot of things but last night you reminded me how strong, resilient and proud you are. God Bless Las Vegas. #prayforLasVegas #VegasStrong
I am speechless. Las Vegas was my home for 4 years. I am heartbroken. God bless the police officers and first responders who rushed in to danger to save, help and protect. Tragedy reminds us we are all in this together. We confront evil together and pray together. Las Vegas, we are with you. #prayforLasVegas
Great morning with my @foxnews @foxandfriends fam! Productive week in NYC but ready to head back to the WEST! #TeamTomi #FoxNews #FoxandFriends #NYC
We stand for the anthem and salute the flag to honor those who fought, died and sacrificed so that we may live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Get on your knees and pray then get on your feet and respect the nation that's given you so much. #TeamTomi #idontkneel #istand #godblessamerica
I am so disgusted with the people in this country who seemingly hate America but want to suck it dry and benefit from it in every way. There's nothing wrong with improving it or working to make it more just but burning flags, vandalizing businesses and screaming "F Donald Trump" doesn't accomplish anything. My Final Thoughts. #TeamTomi #USA #GodBlessAmerica