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We are on a mission to share photography & processing related video tutorials. 📸 #tonesandgrains Grab your ebook by @navanee_viswa from our website.

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The camera’s OS is Android based and the user experience is really smooth, fluidic but how about the results? The review link is in Bio. Watch it and let me know your thoughts. #tonesandgrains #gearreview #navaneeviswa
That was a group photo after an interesting workshop we had last Sunday, with aspiring photographers about using #lightroom conducted by @navanee_viswa for #tonesandgrains. We would like to thank the organising team led by @travel_tales_by_srivatsan from Madras Photo Bloggers, the success of this workshop is fully goes to @madrasphotoblogs 
It was only sometime back I have come to know about him, the moment I saw his works it was an affair with his works instantly. The way he transmits the energy through his work is something amazing, only one could feel - helplessly.

All i could make is a small tribute to his works through this video and also his foundation also been very helpful in making this video an effective one. Go and check out and let me know if anyone made you feel like this.

Click the link in Bio to watch it now

A casual interview with KitKarma's founder, Mr.P.V.Subramanian. He is a great photographer himself and uses medium and large format cameras. For Wedding related events, he uses Leica. KitKarma is a peer to peer, camera and associated gears, rental platform.  Anyone can open an account and lend/rent their camera gears at KitKarma. @pvs742004 #kitkarma #peertopeer #peertopeerrentals 
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A new revolutionary camera from "Light" named as L16 with 16(not a typo) independent lens modules and sensors, aimed to deliver single photograph where the focus point can be changed post capture in their provided software Lumen. 
We are lucky enough to receive this product for our review(in the entire country there are only 3 cameras so far). Now, we have made a small unboxing video just to quickly share what it has got for all of us. 
Visit the Bio and click the link to watch the video. What do you think about the camera? 
Do you have plans to buy?

#tonesandgrains #review #gearreview #L16 #Lightcamera #navaneeviswa #lumen
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In the same timeline 1820’s another Frenchman known as "Louis Daguerre" was also into experimenting in making images through light. Something interesting is gonna happen, wait for the next post.

New features in Sony alpha 7III - Are you planning to buy this camera? Strategically priced and positioned in the market. Sony is literally on a war with Nikon and Canon when it comes to cameras for professional photographers. Canon is yet to retaliate. #sonyalpha7 #sonya7 #sonyalpha7iii #tonesandgrains
As we all start out our journey in photography, we tend to overlook gears, we tend to overlook processing softwares, we may even look forward to  recognitions. One thing we c‭annot ignore is to learn the gears and techniques and continue taking photographs.

At TonesandGrains Youtube channel, we intend to share all the important information pertains to photography at one place. 
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Old quotes are meant for films. Continuous learning is the key. 👋🏻 #tonesandgrains #forthephotographerinyou #quotesrevisited #hcb #digital #newagequotes #aspiringphotographers #itz_chennai #dslr #bitchplease
Perspective is not a rule as such in photography. It is a personal one. A way of making the viewer to see the scene in a way which you have seen or envisioned. An unique way of seeing the world and is personal to the photographer. If would like to know more about this technique click the link from Bio and watch the short video with example photographs. 📸 keep clicking and have fun 🎊

Before and After fixing an ISO of 6400 from a full frame camera. (Noise would be even more if it was APS-C camera).
Noise corrected using two set of tools in Lightroom, one for colour noise the other being Luminance noise.  Checkout our bio to Watch our video about the same. #tandg #forthephotographerinyou #aspiringphotographer #lightroombeginner #lightroom
Would you like to transform your photographs from left to right? Head to our site, subscribe with your mail id and download your free "Basics to processing photographs in lightroom" e-book. Link in bio. #tonesandgrains #forthephotographerinyou #aspiringphotographer #aspiring