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Some days I meditate, some I need Queen B to get out of bed 🤓⚡️#forevermood #happymonday repost: @badassyonce
Kleiner Einblick in meinen Morgen bei der Internationalen „Grünen Woche“, der größten Food Messe der Welt! Es werden mehr als 500.000 Besucher erwartet. Schaut vorbei! Besonders in der Halle 52 wo gemeinsam mit dem @bmz_bund und vielen großen Hilfsorganisationen gegen den Welthunger gekämpft wird! Danke für die Einladung, die Messe heute Morgen mit Ihnen zu eröffnen, Herr Bundesminister Müller. Schaut auf @tonigarrnfoundation was genau dort passiert...
Here we go— since it’s Thursday. Where did this “challenge” come from?! I probably have more pics of myself when I was 15/16 than any other time in my life so here’s just a few I found... keep in mind there was no insta when I was busiest, which (only) during these throwbacks I quite miss. So voila these are all taken around 10 years ago... when it was all fashionweeks, high school and lots of girl time, before any taxes, real jet lag or boy problems 😋😫🙌🏼#goodolddays #tbt #10yearchallenge
Never been outside of a big city this long and it feels SO good!! It’s incredibly necessary to be smelling fresh air, hugging trees, being with wild animals, seeing stars, or even just around the ocean often... nothing makes me feel as grounded and healthy and all are a huge luxury to airplane peeps like me. Sadly ending tomorrow ..these past 4/5 weeks of Ghana, Hamburg, Costa Rica, LA (no big city feels to me) and now Mexico have made me SO grateful to live on this planet 🌍 Adios vacations, see you in a couple of months?!✈️🇨🇷🇲🇽🐒💃🏻🇬🇭 (oh and huge shout out to my amazing travel agent Knud who makes anything possible, on a daily basis 🙏🏼)
Guess I found the studio ceiling real interesting @herringandherring 🙄
When freezing in the jungle it’s time to move on.. 🇨🇷 #nofilter #puravida #eyebrowsgoneagain
Gonna miss doing everything with you monkeys 🐒
Take 100 selfies at a waterfall and you’ll get at least one mega belly flop #whereswally @gabrielamoussaieff
Meet this trips boyfriend. Love at first ride🏎😍🏍
Tree trunks in front of waterfalls turn out to be mucho mas slipppery 🇨🇷insta vs reality on 1.1.19
Happy New Year🥳 from the 4 of us 😂
Happy New Hair @schwarzkopf 😊 🥳📸 @thesecore #FrohesNeuesJahr