Given a chance, girls can change the world! Learn about my work for girls’ education in Africa with the @tonigarrnfoundation below👇🏼

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There’s always curiosity by the boys when we focus on girls only✨Beautiful Josephine on a playground selling ice cream while the boys played soccer #education @tonigarrnfoundation #Ghana
German summers with @calzedonia #girlgang 🇩🇪#italianbeachwear
When a German, a Greek and a Cuban celebrate their Birthday together💃🏻what sounds like the beginning of a bad joke is just a little salsa wine party at home #fbf to some outtakes of my favorite trip to Berlin
Ich bin sehr stolz von Minister Müller zur SDG Botschafterin für Geschlechtergleichheit ernannt worden zu sein! Excited to collaborate on some projects in Africa with the German Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development @tonigarrnfoundation #proud 🇬🇭
Best birthday weekend of all time❤️ SO much love to everyone who travelled so far to spend it with me
💕 New coverstory @voguethailand out now @yutsai88 💕
Jetzt in @voguegermany #whatmatters 📸#DanJackson
Never would I have thought I’d ever be lending my voice for a film. For those of you who don’t know and always thought my voice sounded raspy (no I never smoked) here’s why: I lost my voice completely due to overuse (and apparently some other emotional reasons) end of last year during my fleamarket sale after having talked nonstop in pain for months, I developed a cyst on my vocal cords. Doctors said I had to have surgery to have it removed or totally be mute for weeks to get rid of it with speech therapy. I chose the latter and basically spent days meditating, dancing, driving, working out, lots of emailing and texting— anything but socializing. It was one of the most life-changing and toughest experiences for me to shut up. So today was huge for me— to be chosen to be the voice of an incredible art project that will launch globally next year. There’s nothing worse (of course there actually is, please don’t take me literally kids) than having your voice taken from you. Appreciate singing, crying, laughing and simply communicating to your people. Not everyone has a voice. Use it properly. Happy Tuesday❤️ 🎤🎬 #DAU
Little love story from last night💛
Take me back to the Bahamas please 👙#calzedonia #girlgang #italianbeachwear
Mood J vs B 😂 #OTRII #QueenB #whenformationcomeson
Thank you Queen #moodfordays #Beyonce #OTRII