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I drink coffee, have the same powers as Superman. You may have seen me on TV. Singer, Actor, Comedian. Aka @blobbiewilliams

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My new toy!!! Love it
Did a little Blues Brothers Show last night in Worcester! Great fun.
I know you’re using the bathroom mum but that’s gonna be a few minutes I can’t see you!!??!
So who’s this an old picture of that my mum decided was a good idea to put online!?
This happened and I went full on mental...
“Touch my chew and I will eat you... all of you... “
Everything that shouldn’t be in a plastic cup made its way into a plastic cup! it’s cold and it’s magical!
Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and never miss a tweet from me like this beauty... #twitter
Today my world changed as I got my plateful of @sheepandmash through the post! I will wear my badge with pride and look forward to watching the adventure unfold...
Off to the tip with my dad...he’s doing that old person driving (3cm from the steering wheel!?) AND he’s taken directions that he knows is better, has less traffic and is quicker than the satnav directions... so far we’ve been sat behind two very slow drivers in a country lane!!!
A few Years ago, who’d have thought this would of been an edible option!?
Three for £20 so went with these classic beauties