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I drink coffee, have the same powers as Superman. You may have seen me on TV. Singer, Actor, Comedian. Aka @blobbiewilliams

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I built a bird table in the garden and the first visitor is a bloody pigeon! 🐦
There was hardly any difference!
Took the old man out for a bite to eat for his birthday... he could not believe the size of his pudding!!!
New patio doors going in and I’m working hard pointing at stuff!
Hogans has a busy morning!
Yay!!! The World Cup starts today! I love all the football stuff... #worldcup #football
I’m not one to moan but I saved the beans and poured them from the huge pot onto my breakfast plate... two forkfuls later and I was done... I won’t even get one decent trouser cloud out of that amount!? @frankienbennys #Kidderminster
I’ve had idea! This better come off the wall... #acousticguitar
What a beautiful gift from the wife! My favourite type of chocolate is @lindtuk and although it would be nice to offer her one.... I won’t, they are now mine... back off!!!
Today’s video is out! Jump to my #youtube channel to see the full video #prank #video
Look at the boggle on the one eye!? Give it a few years and a bit more turnage and I should look a proper div!
Me init!