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Student ministry global catalyst. The Ember Cast. John 10:10

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Can you snap that to my mom? Some of Christmas 18. #ishouldhavewon #saywhatyoumeme
Saw Guns and Roses last night for my last night in this city. #notinthislifetime
On the move. Not to Qatar. #neverstopexploring
My blog post today originally published stating that The Ember Cast was celebrating 10 years today. But it is actually 8 years. Our existing board of directors at our last mtg last weekend and 10 years ago before Ember came into existence.
Visiting Bay Area Comm Church and one of our Ember guides TH in his pastoral residency here this am. Making passionate maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations.
Sunday morning view. #letsgoplaces
Homecoming. #safetyfirst
10GDC this past weekend with this great crew of ladies. Lots of service, learning and observing. More details on blog post.
Looking forward to both of these.

@scottharrison and the story of one of my favorite charities @charitywater 
@scottbelsky who has transformed how creatives get it done.
Visited one of my favorite churches today @mosaic. Such a beautiful community. You belong here.