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At the end of the day all you really need is someone who loves you and always has your back ! 🐾🐶
When you meet your new mommy  @Camid0822 for the first time and she is to die for !!! Just a little longer and we will be together forever !🐾😍
This doll is going to be huge !!
Topdogbullies Triche about 8 mths old maturing nicely !!
Took this with my #note8 and this is with #nofilter , just sooo handsome !
This boy markings are to die for ! Unique to say the least 🐾💔 Help my customer name him , What would you name him ?
You just want to squeeze them 💔🐾
Baby its cold outside . Old man winter needs to leave !😔❄️
Play dead and maybe crazy will go away ! 🙊😃
She is a looker !👀💔
This handsome boy is getting ready to meet his new family @cody_nolove super excited for your new addition.😍🐾
Look out Belguim theres a new boy in town !