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Would anyone be interested in buying Avions design ? 
I haven’t been posting any drawings of him because he is my most stolen design and I don’t enjoy having my work claimed :,) but I think I’d be willing to sell him for the right price.
Best offer ($$ only)
Only doing about 4-5 of these!! I will be sending them out to your location! 
Yes, I can do PayPal! 
Please contact me!!
USA only please :) Unless you’d like a digital drawing I would be able to send you the file of your digital drawing, (prices are different)
Cranking these out
My oldest characters :) #natetheskullhorse and #sarahtheskullhorse
Almost 6 years now!!
🦓 I’m just happy they added a zebra emoji 🦓
I’m lookin at you
So originally I had almost finished him and I had everything done except details and his mane and I hated him but then my laptop turned off last night and it didn’t save anything after I did some wrinkles on his neck and finished details in his face. I had lightly placed a few base colors everywhere. Now he’s kinda growing on me and I might have to fix him up a little bit more and buy a print of him 👍🏼
Terribly sorry for my absence! Lots of life changing events are happening. I’m liking drawing again so that’s really good.
CRITIQUE PLEASE!! I’d love feedback !! :)
And yes I’m a mess #ezrathehorse
I’m alive :)
I’ve been just living the highschool life and trying to focus on being happy and living it up :)
But it’s time to announce giveaway winners!!!
Winner 1 - @vanialy_art_ 
Winner 2 - 
Please dm me so we can discuss your prizes!
Just some doodz
🌟Giveaway🌟 ⭐️How to enter⭐️
Simply just tag 3 other users in the comments below.
For another entry, repost this photo with the hashtag #toridrawsgiveaway2k18
(You must be following me!!)
The first winner will receive a complete digital drawing of their horse
The second winner will receive a simple sketch or their horse.
April 5th
Good Luck and try not to tag the same people as everyone else please ! :)