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Well, no art for a while because my pen pressure refuses to work and I’ve been trying to fix it for an hour now ://
This is the most frustrating thing and I have no idea how to fix it, I can’t draw unless this is fixed 🙃 any suggestions?? ( pen calibration )
Only doing colored sketches right now!! (Maybe one full drawing) 
I have some time on my hands finally!! I took some tests yesterday so everything is calmed and I have no work to do. So currently my plans consist of drawing all night long 🤷🏻‍♀️
(S) = shaded (SK) = sketch
(L) = Lined (All include color)
Full body (SL) —- 800 points
Full body (SSK) —- 500 points 
Full body (SK) —- 300 points
Headshot (SL) —- 600 points
Headshot (SSK) —- 400 points
Headshot (SK) —- 200 points
❄️ EXTRAS ❄️
+ another horse (full body) 100 - 200 points -
+ another horse (headshot) 50 - 150 points
Blurred background - 70 points ❄️ Please dm/comment if you have any questions or concerns !
Clydesdales are just jolly creatures ❄️ #toridrawsxmasclydesdales
Baby it’s cold out here❄️ #adelethehorse
Let me go where I’m headed, do not stop me. #ezrathehorse
Wowie my work ethic is trash #roachthedrafthorse
I miss the old you. #roachthedrafthorse
I’ve been waiting to upload this forever 😌 
I’m trying to get a spooky season drawing done in time!! Stay tuned !!
I’m gonna make some skull horsies to adopt out! Any color suggestions??
More of what I’ve been doing, a bit of profanity warning!
It’s really great to have this account up and running again!
Hopefully I can whip out some more art before the weekend is over!
I’ve really been getting into the game Howrse and I wanted to make a coat? Idk just a thought.
Please check my story for the polls!!
🌻 Yellow Mellow 🌼
@_roseinks_  lovely gal ✨
I’m really getting back into drawing and it feels really nice🙂 I get more excited to draw every time. I haven’t done traditional in a long time but if i were to, who would you guys want to see?? 🤔 I’ll put it as a vote on my story