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And yes I’m a mess #ezrathehorse
I’m alive :)
I’ve been just living the highschool life and trying to focus on being happy and living it up :)
But it’s time to announce giveaway winners!!!
Winner 1 - @vanialy_art_ 
Winner 2 - 
Please dm me so we can discuss your prizes!
Just some doodz
🌟Giveaway🌟 ⭐️How to enter⭐️
Simply just tag 3 other users in the comments below.
For another entry, repost this photo with the hashtag #toridrawsgiveaway2k18
(You must be following me!!)
The first winner will receive a complete digital drawing of their horse
The second winner will receive a simple sketch or their horse.
April 5th
Good Luck and try not to tag the same people as everyone else please ! :)
Something new #tybaltthehorse#tdiocs
Okay! So, I’ve been gone a lot. On and off. I’ve been just enjoying my life so much lately. Everything is so great and I hope it stays like this. I haven’t been giving my art a lot of attention but I do enjoy drawing still. I got my tablet fixed since it broke, I just haven’t been sitting down long enough to finish a drawing. I hope you all understand. I’ve never been this happy and I love it so much.
But add my Snapchat and my main for more updates on my life or just to see what I’m doing :)
Main: @literally.tori
Snapchat: actually.tori
Passionate from miles away, passive with the things you say, passing up on my old ways...#ezrathehorse #adelethehorse
Had lots of fun with this 👌🏼
Art trade with the lovely @_roseinks_
Only doing colored sketches right now!! I had a very unexpected snow day today. ❄️PRICES❄️
(S) = shaded (SK) = sketch
(L) = Lined (All include color)
Full body (SL) —- 800 points
Full body (SSK) —- 500 points 
Full body (SK) —- 300 points
Headshot (SL) —- 600 points
Headshot (SSK) —- 400 points
Headshot (SK) —- 200 points
❄️ EXTRAS ❄️
+ another horse (full body) 100 - 200 points -
+ another horse (headshot) 50 - 150 points
Blurred background - 70 points ❄️ Please dm/comment if you have any questions or concerns !
Colored/shaded sketch done 
I got my tablet fixed finally !! So the cords were already messed up, so i had bought new ones. When I was plugging everything in my tablet fell off my desk and the screen popped out. I tried to fix it myself and I got the screen in but the pen wasn’t drawing on it so I just sent it in to be fixed.  I’d like to do two more of these today if anyone is interested
Clydesdales are just jolly creatures ❄️ #toridrawsxmasclydesdales
Baby it’s cold out here❄️ #adelethehorse