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I'm a smooth gentleman, and my hobbies include showing off my incredibly good looks & charming the ladies with my cool tricks 😉

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I can fit through the small hole on my #thecatball 😛 who’s chubby now, hoomans?
This is my “I want yogurt” sniff (🔊 on). Am I part pig? Possibly 🐷🐽
Do I look “amused,” hooman? (Actually, I do like watching the smelly weirdo chase his ball around like an idiot, but I could do without the squeaking 🙄)
henloaf 🙂🍞
Fake yogurt again, hooman!? How could you betray me like this? 😿
Well hello0o0o there. Come here often?
Hooman FiNaLlY got a phone upgrade! I present to you: my official portrait mode debut!
There’s a noise coming from the window! Hooman says it’s just water dripping, but I think maybe it’s a birb? Or squirrel?
Friday night loaf pawty!
For those of you who don’t know, I ~lOvE~ yogurt. Whenever one of the hoomans is eating some, I’m beside myself with excitement (they always let me lick the cup). Well, my hooman got some yogurt made out of something called “almond milk.” I don’t know what almonds are, but I can tell you they are NOT MILK. THEY’RE LIES. Get your fake yogurt out of my sight, hooman 😾 very disappointed.
Hooman, we need to have a chat about my food bowl. I get that there’s “food in there already,” but I prefer for it to be filled to the top. All the time. Please and thank you 😗
@thecatball - I have a complaint to file.. I can’t fit my bum through the smaller hole on my cat ball. It’s really messing with my hunting skillz 😾