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I'm a smooth gentleman, and my hobbies include showing off my incredibly good looks & charming the ladies with my cool tricks 😉

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I smell chicken. Are you holding out on me?
The things I do for treats.. (@simba_the_auskie was also a lion, but he was much less cooperative so we didn’t get a picture together)
I don’t want to “meerkat” - just give me the chicken! 😾
We had a painter here last week (yes, that’s an orange wall), and he was nice enough to put my cat tree right next to the kitchen counter! 😺
Cat Handbook Rule No. 42: If your hooman lays on the ground:
1. Make biscuits on their tummy
2. Step directly onto their trachea
3. Get chin scratchies and purr loudly
Hooman told me I wasn’t supposed to be up here (on the dining room table), and I was like, “Well I don’t remember asking for your opinion, hooman.”
I’ll take a scritch here, and a scrotch there, and a scritch scrotch here. Please and thank you 😗
“Henlo hooman, can I plz hav a bite of your toona?” -Love, Toulouse 😻
Oh, you are supposed to stand here hooman? To work? Sounds boring maybe you should just pet me instead.
Can I help you? No, you’re just creepin? Okay back to sleep 😴
I am handsome. That is all. (Also a portrait mode shot of me yawning 😝)
I can fit through the small hole on my #thecatball 😛 who’s chubby now, hoomans?