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I'm a smooth gentleman, and my hobbies include showing off my incredibly good looks & charming the ladies with my cool tricks 😉

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I got to play in snow for the first time ever! I was skeptical at first, but it was pretty fun once I got out there! (Swipe ➡️) 😺❄️☃️
Excuse me, hooman, but what the h*ck do you think you’re doing in the bathroom without me?
I will catch you, light splotch!
Mlem selfie 😛
Laundry day is fun because I get to pretend like I’m playing in a jungle. A jungle of leggings.
Fuzzy beenz #toebeantuesday
“Just act natural, nobody saw that..”
(Sorry for the horrible video quality -  hooman hasn’t upgraded to the new iPhone)
Who else loves head scratchies? 👹
🔊 on for purr machine
Your fidget spinner does not amuse me, hooman.
I think Halloween is becoming my least favorite holiday..
I wanna go outside, but drops of water keep falling on me! ☹️
Do you need halp checking emails, hooman? No promises that I won’t fall asleep on the job though..