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I'm a smooth gentleman, and my hobbies include showing off my incredibly good looks & charming the ladies with my cool tricks 😉

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I came downstairs to observe the smelly monster for a few hours yesterday. The hoomans seem to really like him, but I’m quite unimpurressed 😒
I came downstairs to check things out while the smelly monster was sleeping in his crate. Hooman gave me some treats, but I’m still pretty grumpy 😾
After being an only child for 6 years,
I now have to share my hoomans with this smelly weirdo. We met briefly, and I was not happy about it. I’ll be pouting under the bed until further notice. You can follow his shenanigans at @simba_the_auskie
Hooman asked me if I wanted a little brother, and I was like, “That doesn’t sound like something I’d like. Maybe we shouldn’t get one..” but I have a feeling she didn’t listen to me.
The hoomans went to Disneyland while they were gone. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled with my souvenir 😒
My hoomans are home!! I got so excited, I took a nap.
Hooman left me and she’ll be gone for a whole month! 😿 Luckily I have backup hoomans that I find to be suitable replacements while she’s gone.
Kitter does a snooze 😴
“Yes, hello, I am Toulouse!” 🔊 on!
So regal. So handsome.
I just got a Cat Ball! Hooman enticed me in with some chicken, and I think I like it in here 😺
Keeping a close eye on hooman while she works. I give her the stink eye when she stops petting me 😾