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It’s almost Leo season ✨👑🦁 aka here’s a reminder that it’s almost my birthday
Not sponsored because I’m no where near that cool- I just fucking love @hellofresh  After a weekend of moving and unpacking all I wanted was food that wasn’t from a restaurant  and to use my new kitchen without going to the store. ❤️
Millennials ruining the Friday the 13th industry by buying homes and shit 🏡🍾
Y’all I did it! I hosted my first workshop for my business. I’m so overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has shown me and especially by the amazing women that came out tonight! ❤️ Check out my story on @pitchatx for clips of the event!
ICYM: this week is insane for me. I’m hosting my first @pitchatx workshop tomorrow and closing on my first house on Friday. In between packing and planning I’m just trying to stay sane. Please send all the good vibes and packing tape ✨🍾🥂
I don’t tell to open up too much but I broke down a little bit and discussed my complicated relationship with speech and hard to pronounce names today. Read my post on @pass.fail (link in their bio!)
I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
@yallitsmatt and I are running on opposite schedules lately - basically only seeing each other as my melatonin is kicking in but a canceled meeting let us grab drinks at a normal hour. ❤️🥂
Love @studiobarreaustin enough to work out outside in the Texas heat 😍
Guess it’s National Selfie day. In true me format, I’m going to multi-task. I’m really trying to be more open about my mental health. For those that don’t know I’m in the middle of buying a house, planning a wedding and starting a business- all of which force me to deal with finances which is a major emotional trigger for me. In addition to stress, I’ve been feeling frustrated and lost for a while now. I have this feeling that I’m on the verge of something amazing and just can’t quite make it happen. So I’m celebrating national selfie day with this melancholy selfie because that’s exactly how I’m feeling today. 💄💋
Even rainy days are pretty here ☔️