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📍 LA-based
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Your new favorite K-pop band
The #HelloKittyGrandCafe just opened so, obviously, we grabbed reservations immediately 💖 #HelloKittyCafe
In case you were wondering, it is possible to clear an #escaperoom with only 2 people who were almost too short for one of the tasks.
💙Happy Alopecia Awareness Month!💙 Repost @alopeciamua: It took me awhile to learn that makeup isn’t about hiding who you are. It’s about allowing yourself to express who you are and reclaim your beauty, no matter the negativity you’ve endured. These words represent just some of the things I was called growing up, and I no longer let those things hold power over me anymore. (For more on this, check out my latest blog post @
✨bolder than before, bluer than the sky✨
2 for 2 — we escaped the Magic Kingdom! And then took our wizarding robes to the ‘70s and saved the U.S. from foreign spies! #escaperoom
happy burfday from the wilderness, where dogs roam in search of mickey-shaped waffles 🎉
Sometimes, I go out past 9PM. CRAZY, I KNOW. 📷: @altonwang
Thanks for the adventure 🎈#NationalSistersDay
HBD, Harry Potter. But we’re still waiting for our #Hogwarts letters 🦉
People ask me what my sister and I buy each other as adults sometimes. “Very practical purchases,” I answer. (The car shade, not the car LOL - I ain’t that nice.)
🚙 #disney #pixar #cars