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Having a green #foodiefriday  with some homemade pesto💚💚
This #thankfulthursday I’m sending out #beachvibes - I’m so thankful for the ocean 🌊 and the feeling of calm and serenity that it brings.  What are you thankful for today?
Hey #workoutwednesday - add this position to your workout to challenge your core!
For #trainertuesday get your cuteness overload with @blackmamba185 - join Project Defense Thursday’s at 630p.
We got this! #motivationMonday
Who else is #mealprep ing for #foodiefriday ? Show: Spaghetti with spinach, mushrooms and sausage, pineapple fried quinoa stirfry veggies with shrimp, chicken veggies and parsley potato smash, and a crockpot freezer meal with rice potatoes chicken sausage and veggies.  #yum
For #thankfulthursday my mind is on the all the greenery #nature provides us with.  I wish the camera could truly capture it! 😍
#workoutwednesday - check out @mandeeez on our bosu burpee variation - would you add it to your workout?
Breath right with Miya from #refit - starts right now!
What are you #eating in #2018 ?  We’re eating chicken 🐓 sausage potatoes 🥔 broccoli  asparagus and red bell pepper - Turkey 🦃 burger stuffed with mushrooms 🍄 , garlic couscous, Brussels sprouts and broccoli 🥦
For #thankfulthursday We have to throw a shout out to our #1 fan and Studio mascot Darlin.  She’s always ready and willing to offer some motivation or cheer (in exchange for a a treat of course) what are you thankful for today?