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Travel Antics is a magazine that pays tribute to all those amazing people we meet while travelling

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Have you picked up your copy of the Travel Antics magazine? Loads of interviews and photography to satisfy any #wanderlust. Just hop onto the Travel Antics website (link in the bio) and enjoy your own #digitalcopy
This time tomorrow you can download you own #copy #Travelmagazine
A mere #48hours left!
Only three more sleeps until #magazineday 😊
Love this woman’s smile! Only four days left #excited 😊 
A big thank you to @clemono2 for this heartwarming image ❤️
We’re continuing the count down until the new Travel Antics magazine is launched. We just can’t wait #travelmagazine 
Thank you to @dead____artist for the amazing picture 😊
It’s so close. A mere 7 days away until the new @travel_antics magazine is here. 
We’re literally counting down the days #cantwait #notlongnow
It’s nearly here, the new Travel Antics magazine, brimming with #interviews and #travelphotography of #locallife from all over the world. 
Meet Rabani who runs eco #safaris in #Rwanda #Uganda and the #DRCongo, plus meet Ko bringing fresh coffee to #Phuket and Karen who runs the musically themed @symphonyhotelotr 😁

Pick up your #free copy on the 30th January 2018🙌

And a big thank you to Ewa Kowalczyk for supplying the front cover image 😊
This man challenges you to a game of #chess. Do you think you could beat him? #toulouse #france
Not long before we'll be taking a look at the people of #toulouse in #france
Don't you wish you were strolling down this riverside path #Toulouse #river #france
I found this pretty nifty piece of #streetart while wandering around #toulouse. Be honest, don't you wish you had this next to your window?