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TraveLibro is a revolutionary new📱app that allows you to CAPTURE your travel stories live on-the-go and DISCOVER the best travel stories.

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Winter has come. 
Story by @benjaminhardman.
What’s your favourite winter destination?
Something aren’t visible until you’re truly ready to see them.
Story by @skyestoury. 📸 @jessetalavera
Is Iran on top of your bucket list? Capture your travel stories on the app and relive your memories at any point.
Story by @pankratova916.
“Fall is short around here... Blink a few times and you might miss it completely. Over the years I’ve come to learn, this year especially... That even though Autumn is fleeting, it is perhaps the sweetest season of them all 🍁 “ - @nathanaelbillings
Cape Town - Unparalleled beauty coupled with adventure. What’s your best African memory?
Story by @sergeykbn.
If you have 2 plane tickets, who’s the one person you’re taking along to the Alps?
Story by @jpkay.
Type “Yes” if you’ve dreamt of taking a road trip through the US in that van. It’s on top of our bucket list for sure. 🚌 Story by Hailey Marie @dreaming_outloud.
Marcel Lesch -The Van Gogh With A Camera.

Stories from @evolumina contain some of the most picturesque and stunning captures we see on #TraveLibro. Explore his latest story from #Italy with friend @frauke_hagen as they shoot some of the most gorgeous locations.
Explore all his latest travel stories on his profile on the app. ***Link in Bio***
Type 1. if you agree that Greece is the most picturesque destination ever or 2. if it’s on top of your bucket list. Paradise captured in this story by @dianamiaus and 📸 @regevmoran.
#Discover the best #travelstories and #inspireothers by #capturing your #moments #differently in your own #traveldiary.
Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure.
Story by @sergeysuxov.
Capture memories that live with you forever. Story by @jackson.groves. 
Brb, we’ve transported to this beautiful botanical garden with @globetrottingblonde.