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and when I made space for Him, He made space for me on this thing called earth

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me wanting to change my username badly but don’t wanna give it to any other Carla
Everyone who personally knows me knows that I love to travel and that I save money for it (and for some other worthless stuff). But when I came to know Jesus deeply, my perspective and plans in life shifted. I realized I want to travel now with a sensible purpose and not just to travel for some temporary escape or just for the sake of it.

Last month, I was doing my thing in Singapore and wanted to settle already but then I had to hop on a plane again for some reason and so I found myself on a spontaneous mini holiday in Bangkok. Spontaneous as in I booked my ticket a day before my flight.

The Lord must’ve really wanted me to enjoy life for a bit in the midst of this chaotic yet beautiful season that I am in, not failing to let me through each difficult situation. 
No sensible purpose was involved in this travel, I just slept and ate the whole time I was there 🙃 but I am surely looking forward to do something different next time that will glorify Him. 
I don’t even know where I’ll be next week or next month. If the wind goes where He sends it, so will I. All I know is that He’s always there to help me do life. 
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Getting pregnant with food in Bangkok 👅
Feed me açai 👅
some decent shots from my first roll 🎞
There she goes
Sometimes human sometimes carpet
too much
As this month ends, may we leave everything that weighs us down behind and surrender it to God. Relationship things, job things, heart things, name it. May we get out of our own ways and make our personality submit to our purpose, and always believe in the word of God that if He is for us, nothing can be against us. (Romans 8:31)

And let us not forget to always thank God and give Him praise for the good things, the bad things, the so-so things; for what He has done, for what He didn’t allow to come our way, for what He kept us from, and for the season He had put us in. 
Idk with y’all but the past months were filled with struggles but God has poured out His grace on me. And His kindness didn’t fail me for good things started unfolding after the hurdles. Ya girl was lost, but ya girl now found. And I’m not gonna wait to share this testimony until it’s finished. It’s not even a completed story yet but if He’s the author and the finisher, that doesn’t mean I have to write the rest of the story. All I know is that I serve a God who gives me identity, purpose, and loves me so much. And I’m excited for my faith to mature and I can’t wait for everything that’s gonna be unwrapped as I walk with Jesus forever. 
I was kinda afraid of getting judged if I post this, but I realised that’s the trick of the enemy and that it’s only God who can judge me. :) I’m not perfect but I’m progressing. All glory to Him.

Was surprised I still have tons of photos from Bali that I didn’t post. But forget that, what I’m really trying to do is to relay this to someone who might be needing this: “You’re supposed to be there cause you’re an answer to one of their prayers, but you’re so focused on what it makes you feel like that you won’t tell your flesh to shut up long enough to be able to get the impact into the area you’re supposed to be, and God said you gotta stay there until you finish the assignment.”
Happy #InternationalSurfingDay! 
I miss Bali a lot!
Weekend vibes 🌺✨