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winter is coming
Came here to do cardio #HHN8
doggo making it to my feed
“I am grateful for the journey and all the ways it shaped me” —MHN
“Not better than you, but not less than you” 💭
“When I consider the heavens,
The works of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars 
That You have made.
Who am I that You are
Thinking of me?” 🌟
I’ve seen You move
You move the mountains 
And i believe i’ll see You do it again
You made a way
where there’s no way
And i believe i’ll see You do it again
Send noods 🍜
me wanting to change my username badly but don’t wanna give it to any other Carla
Everyone who personally knows me knows that I love to travel and that I save money for it (and for some worthless stuff). But when I came to know Jesus deeply, my perspective and plans in life shifted. I realized I want to travel now with a sensible purpose and not just to travel for some temporary escape or just for the sake of it.

Last month, I was doing my thing in Singapore and wanted to settle already but then I had to hop on a plane again for some reason and so I found myself on a spontaneous mini holiday in Bangkok. Spontaneous as in I booked my ticket a day before my flight.

The Lord must’ve really wanted me to enjoy life for a bit in the midst of this chaotic yet beautiful season that I am in, not failing to let me through each difficult situation. 
No sensible purpose was involved in this travel, I just slept and ate the whole time I was there 🙃 but I am surely looking forward to do something different next time that will glorify Him. 
I don’t even know where I’ll be next week or next month. If the wind goes where He sends it, so will I. All I know is that He’s always there to help me do life. 
Alt caption:
Getting pregnant with food in Bangkok 👅
Feed me açai 👅
some decent shots from my first roll 🎞