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Listener. Saturdays are spent in Silence. Photographer. Co-founder and CSO at OutboundWorks. #momentproject #celebratesilence

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For unity, not division.
Date night
Teamwork #redisco
Lyla demanded that I should, screamed at my non response 🙊, began to push and gently pull and playfully push me because I wouldn't. I never knew how much curiosity was generated by simply making the commitment to otherwise not make sounds with your mouth. So much fun. So much laughter. Loving the novelty of simply listening every Saturday from sunrise to sunset. #silentsaturdays cc: @mariasipka
#silentsaturday is coming
Happy July 4th
@amanda_charchian 🙏🏻
@amanda_charchian 🙏🏻
@amanda_charchian 🙏🏻
@followkellie Saturday. ❤️
Thanks @veronica.christina
The wonder of @faithhhh413