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Christmas in India is known as Bada Din. Scouting for a place to celebrate Christmas away from the untouched crowd, Shillong give me the much-needed rest of busy everyday life. I head to this hill station with friends to make our Christmas vacation memorable. We plan our own little celebration in the hills with a bonfire, some music, beautifully decorated and Christmas trees. The serene peaks, pines and oaks and invigorating mountain air make everything even more magical.

The entire city of Shillong meets at the Cathedral Church on Christmas Eve to attend the Midnight Mass, which includes a representation of the birth scene of Jesus, carols and more. The festival is celebrated in a traditional way with the decoration and lighting of fir trees and a priest talking about the values and joy of Christmas. The ring of bells, an affectionate greeting, melodious hymns and tall natural Christmas trees add to the party. There are also carnivals, fairs, outdoor parties and carols are sung in the streets. #TripotoCalendar2019 #MyFavouriteCity #CapturedOnCanon
I enjoy the opportunity to enjoy an absolutely wonderful environment surrounded by the beautiful mountains, with dreamlike views and to rest in absolute silence and enjoy nature in its purest form. #GodrejPrime #SomePlaceNice.
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Children are beautiful because they possess something that we have all lost – the quality of innocence. Shot this khoobsurat innocent surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia.
Pepa, an indigenous folk instrument made from buffalo horn, is a common sight mostly played by men that is an integral part of the culture of Assam. Shot this khoobsurat musical wali surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia.
A face that reminds me of the Kabuliwala, a testament of kindness, compassion and unspoken affection. Shot this khoobsurat surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia.
This picture is symbolic of spiritual liberation and impermanence of life. 
Shot this khoobsurat divine surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia.
The soap bubbles seem almost small spells that emanate from tiny jars, ready to fly and scatter in the sky. For the older ones, it is always a source of big laughs and returning to their childhood memories. When the bubbles become giant then the dreams and smiles multiply! 
Here is the bubble blower in whose coloured jars are trapped bubbles that await to be blown in the sky. 
Shot this khoobsurat surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. #TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia
After Bihu, Durga Puja is the most popular festival in Assam. Durga Puja is the most important festival celebrated in Guwahati for five consecutive days, with great religious fervour, lighting up the faces of kids and adults alike.

Shot this khoobsurat surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia
Destination: wine cellar! Reading The Wine Lover's Apprentice provided me with lots of inspiration not just on what to drink, but where to go! Check out this great new book & travel the world in a wine glass! https://amzn.to/2yr004k #wineloversapprentice
Guwahati in Assam, mainly known for its Kamakhya temple, the river Brahmaputra, silk saree and its Bihu celebrations. But what we know less is that Guwahati is a city full of life and culture! I always take pleasure to discover all the nooks and alleys of the city as I look at the city behind me. Here is a small overview, but I have many other khoobsurat surats to reveal, share some historical information and other stories as I move around my city with my Tecno Camon i2x. #TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x @tecnomobileindia.
The adoration of the Divine Mother is one of the oldest forms of worship that humanity knows. And what began thousands of years ago as a religious celebration has become a social and cultural event that paralyzes Calcutta for 10 days to the sound of drums that never stop rumbling. Calcutta has an extensive ritual program for Durga Puja. It is a social event with a wide repertoire of cultural shows during the day and night. 
Preparations begin months in advance. Through bamboo poles cut into various shapes and sizes artisans manage to make the basic structure of the idols of the goddess and the platform on which the colossal figure will be displayed. It is a long and delicate process. In a diligent and methodical way, artisans strive to create exquisite pieces of art. 
The sculptures have a great aesthetic sense. In short, every year the festival translates into hours and hours of endless preparations.

Food is also very much present in the festival with street stalls throughout Calcutta. Much more than a festival, Durga Puja represents fervor, joy and happiness expressed by all regardless of caste and creed. Fervor floods everything. #SonataSharodia #DurgaPuja #OYOfilter