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Rishikesh appears when I needed it most. I suddenly wanted to go to that place that some suggest as an ideal place to start traveling through India. I arrive at the base of the Laxman Jhula, one of the two bridges that cross the Ganges in this part of the city.

This is the idyllic postcard with which I found myself in the also known as the Himalayan door which in itself is suggestive. And that's where the magic begins. The bridges, a miraculously clean sacred river and mountains frame a fairytale in the pure sky. #Rishikesh encloses all the bohemian energy and peace and love. I walk barefoot to the last step of each temple. The places vibrates at a rhythm that I had not experienced before. I could camouflage myself between yogis and beings full of spirituality for a few days, until my "I" returned to his hyperkinetic and unbridled being. #lohanastravels
I was probing through different destinations in the Mediterranean when my eyes fell on Greece. I decided to travel to the Ionian island called #Zakynthos as there is an award-winning beach called #Navagio, known for being one of the most beautiful ones in the world. Though we had to head back home suddenly, it was not before we had experienced almost 4 days at this amazing destination, soaking in all the once-in-a-lifetime-experiences. 
#Greece is a place I would recommend to everyone – whether you want to #travel solo, along with your partner, your family or in a group. However, after the gastronomic misadventures and other urgencies what this trip also taught me was the importance of a travel insurance that in my case was from Reliance General Insurance and made a strong advocate of it – it is an absolute must if you are heading out of the country. #ixigotravels #ixigotravelshot #whentravelcalls
If someone asked you to imagine of Shiva, probably the image that would come to mind would be that of a snake, a trident, and a lingam. The Trishula also called trident is a weapon (sacred object) in #India. Even Durga holds a Trishula, as one of her many weapons. Its meaning goes beyond the simple religious value. 
The human being has suffered the consequences of the Trident since the beginning of our history. Each of the three points has captured a part of our lives and we have not been able to unlock any of the three points with which we have been captured. In order to explain how we have been captured by this trident, a picture is worth a thousand words. #flirtwithyourcity #travtasy
Ganges is a sacred river, the most revered on Earth. Its waters wash away sins and help break the samsara, the endless cycle of transmigration. To drink its waters is to commune with the absolute.

From its source at 4,000 meters, in a remote ice cave of the Himalayas to its mouth in the Bay of Bengal, the #Ganges covers 2,500 kilometers and crosses three states of India through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal.

#Kolkata is the first commercial, financial and cultural center of eastern #India with its port born in 1870, on the river #Hooghly (tributary of the Ganges) and is the only river port in India, that is highly operational. #amplifyingenuity #flirtwithyourcity #travelmoments
Beyond the pink hues of the walls, the streets of Jaipur are full of color. But a detail that makes this place something unique, and that cannot go unnoticed, is its beautiful doors and windows, of great variety and color. I can safely say that one of the things I like the most about Jaipur is its colorful doors. There are all the colors, and for all tastes, from the primary colors to the secondary colors. Passing through the lanes and bylanes, there are some more lively, and some less, but it is said that there is a door for each type of personality. 
At one of the doors, things become more lively as a few snake charmers play the flute to a basket from which the erect body of a cobra emerges. The snake charmers are, in a way street artists who with their peaceful gaze and delicate chords, manages to make the fearsome cobras dance to the fascination of passers-by.

#amplifyingenuity #flirtwithyourcity #travelmoments
What could you not like about a party in which water and colored powder are thrown at complete strangers? It's like going back to childhood, right? I have seen how women beat men with sticks and pull their shirts off in such a conservative and patriarchal society, or how a sacred man crosses a six-meter-high bonfire and comes out without a scratch.

Holi is also considered as a "game" of love. #Holi incites a certain romantic game of frantic dances between girls and young boys, tinged with bhang, which is made with marijuana leaves, causing euphoria and joy, as we can see in many of the film songs that the Bollywood industry brings us. Drums are played, songs are sung, and we dance. In short, it is a great party!

With these intense memories in mind I usually return home with mixed feelings, leaving a little pink path behind me, and with the prospect of several hours of intense brushing and cleaning ahead, my eyes reddened by a dust of dubious provenance and my hand still painful for my beginner punches.

The illusory geometry of Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi moves between the optical game and the mirage. This garden tomb of the emperor was built nine years after his death by his wife and is an example of ancient architecture based on red sandstone and marble.

Do you remember having a Rubik's cube in your hands? The first thing that is done is to turn it to see it from the different perspectives that are shown when playing with the edges. Well, imagine that feeling before something that instead of fitting in one hand looks like a building but turns out to be a mausoleum. It is an old version of the Taj Mahal surrounded by square landscaped areas. To enter through its main arch is to enter the entrails of the illusory game. #gettheedge #flirtwithyourcity travelmoments
India is a fascinating country. A trip around India floods with indelible memories to those who undertake them. In a place as big and surprising as a continent, spirituality, sumptuousness, and opulence are mixed in a unique cocktail that exalts the senses. It delights and excites an incomparable enchantment. These alternative vacations, spiritual trips, and adventure for the soul are for all those who seek a holiday differently, whether you are single, come accompanied or with family.

The trip around India forged my character. It made me fall in love, transform my character and make me a different person. #gettheedge #travelmoments
Love enlivens the brightness of its colors and its plume flutters like a lyre with a trail of iridescence parading in the air. Its beauty makes us perceive an ethereal shine in the heart, something like the shudder of a veil.

Associated with divinity, the peacock traditionally heralds the arrival of spring. With its aristocratic glamor, myriad eyes and the way in which it raises its tail like a crown, the peacock is naturally an emblem of different gods. Its eyes were regarded as the stars of the sky. In the same way that its eyes open the door to religious symbolism, the colors of its tail are the incentive of the psychedelic visions. In ancient Greece, the peacock was called the face of Hera and represented the universal splendor of the Great Goddess. #wildlifeloveatiris
Winter fun, festive songs, sweets and of course lights and contemplative hours with the people who are close - the Christmas holidays do not always fulfill these stereotypes. But one thing that is true almost always is the #homemade food. 
What would Christmas be without Christmas dinner? Whether on Christmas Eve or on holidays everyone in the family has own preferences. Christmas dinner with meat is the classic on the festive table. In addition, you sit together for a long time in the warm wood fire and it is just really cozy. Eating together makes us happy - especially at Christmas. It starts with the traditional #Christmasdinner on Christmas Eve and runs through the rest of the holidays. #gettheedge #flirtwithyourcity
Do you feel the tender sound of love in your gentle rhythm? 
Let yourself be guided by this deep, loving melody. Let her guide you... I hear my heart feel her gentle rhythm, her tender sound of love.

There is only one temple in the universe and that is the human body. 
Nothing is more sacred than this perfect form. 
We touch the sky when we put our hand on the human body. 
She is full of emotion because she plays in our hearts.

Dancing kindles the fire of love. It becomes warm and bright.

Old pains and points of view are transformed.

The way to the source reveals itself.

Fall comes here like a newlywed, jeweled woman. The rivers now flow in slow motion, as proud as young, majestic walking women. The sky is slightly broken up by sparse clouds and acts like a queen. The winds of the Himalayas carrying sweetly the flowery nectar to the south. 
I feel blissful in the thought that they may have fallen upon your limbs in the early days. Oh, let the long night disappear for a moment. How I wish for the daylight in the early morning! #myhappyplace #9wshotstories #joyofflying #mynaturewonder