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We love our case studies so much, we’ve built this secondary account to our main one @TRIBE! Have a browse and build your own self-serve campaign:

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What’s better than a bagel? A vegemite bagel! 😍 ABE’s Bagel Bakery asked TRIBE influencers to submit posts of them enjoying their mouth-watering Vegemite Bagels, and with a reach of 380k, boy did our creators deliver!🍞🍅
Don’t just stand there, Buster Move! 😎 Buster asked TRIBE influencers to submit posts of their pet enjoying a bath, and with a reach of 500k, it was hardly a bust! Swipe 👉 to see the labrador-able creator content 🐶
Love a bit of adventure? Patch asked TRIBE influencers to submit posts of them outdoors getting active using their all-natural plasters, and this is the amazing content they came up with! Their campaigns’ 250k social reach was just a bonus... 😏➕
Swipe 👉🏻 to see the natural, fresh-faced creator content from the Organic Care campaign! 🍃
Say goodbye to the GIF! Cinemagraphs are the latest breathtaking form of content taking over our feeds. Scroll 👉  to see some of the amazing creations our TRIBE creators have produced! 🎥  #ourTRIBE
Lookin' for a lil' honey? 😏 Swipe 👉 to get a taste of the sweetest creator content from the Capilano Honey campaign! 🍯
Need some chia-ing up? Swipe 👉 to check out the delightful creator content from the Bakers Delight campaign! 🍞😋
This exhibition's a shoe in! Swipe 👉  for the soleful content from the Art Gallery of WA 'The Rise of Sneaker Culture Exhibition' Campaign! 🎭
Ready to be impreshed? Presha Fruit asked TRIBE influencers to submit posts of their pure fruit juice summer refreshment, and generated a reach of 1.5 million for their campaign! Swipe 👉 to see how 🍓🍹
Get oat of here! Swipe 👉 to check out some of the tasty creator content from the O&G Spiced Oatmeal Campaign! 😋
Someone pass the tissues... 😭  Swipe 👉 to see the Kleen-extra special content created for the Kleenex campaign! 💕
When life give you lemons, just add Disaronno. 🍋 Swipe 👉 for the refreshing creator content from the Disaronno Campaign! 🍹