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Midwest girl masquerading as an East Coast Creative living the life of a Southern Belle. Fashion•Food•Lifestyle 🦄 TrúBliss • Trúanjl•Keto

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Reset! It’s ok💗
It’s a baby shower! We are ready for lil Reece to arrive. 💗
Avoiding the scale... mirror check! Rather than obsessing over the number on the scale I’m trying to use the mirror and the way my clothes fit to track my progress. 
#progressnotperfection  #nonscalevictory #legday #keto
TruBaby Newborn gift sets... #newborn #babyjoggers #babyturban #babyheadband #showergifts
Grillin... meal preppin! #labordayweekend #grill
I NEED my 5 am workouts!! Working up that sweat gets my happy hormone pumping. Some days I need it more than others.🤷🏽‍♀️ Declaring Positive Energy!!! 💪🏽😇👑
Stuffed Peppers!!! 😋 Yummmmm
#cutie!!! #tutuonesie @trubaby
@trubaby Bottoms & Bows... Baby joggers with our matching grow-with-me bows will be available in a variety of trendy solids and prints!
No filter! 16 years difference in these pictures. A reminder that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. This Angel at 47 is pretty freakin amazing! 🤷🏽‍♀️😇#facetoface
First 5am workout on my new toy... and I’m feelin the burn. Yup I’ll be hittin this baby daily!!! #maxiclimber