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Called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission June 15

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This will be my last Instagram post

Tomorrow I'll be leaving town to start my mission! Thank you to everyone for all the love and support it meant a lot!! I'll be serving until June 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah! 
Love you guys and I can't wait to see y'all in two years!!
I don't know what I'll miss more: my friends or being able to sit on my own couch
All packed!😉 #missionaccomplished #missionary #mormonlife #utah #arut #toosoontogo #packed #mylife #intwosuitcases #wow #utahorbust #saltlake #mormon #lds #ldsmissionary #bowiefam #letsdothis
Let us look forward not backward, as we make our way through what we call life😃
I hope everyone can come over tonight at 6 for my farewell party!!😃 Don't worry there will be desserts😉
Five more days til I'm out of your hair 😉

Today we say good bye but tomorrow we'll say good riddance😂😂
Alright guys time to say good bye so don't cry ;-; Also if u want to stay in touch with me you can give me your email <33

PC: @gingersnapcraft

I was going to burn it but I saw paint cans... #musicisart #tssocm #ArUt
They say eyes are windows to the soul, but what about eyebrows? #ArUt
Photo creds: @cailleyy
Watching the end of my favourite TV show like #tssocm #arut
You're a tall glass of water #ArUt
Only 20 more days til we part our separate ways. May the sun shine on all of us as we sail through the stormy sea of life. Good luck and have fun while I'm gone!😉 #ArUt