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Awesome talk on #bitcoin at the Moon Tower in Osaka, Japan.
#tvnippon is at Moon Tower Osaka, talking about Bitcoin and trying some awesome drinks.
#electroneum #etn to the Moon by March 2018!
TV NIPPON went to Crystal Bar Osaka to host a Bitcoin Meetup on Monday. A fantastic night, we recommend everyone come along, just watch our Facebook page for details on the next meeting.
Another amazing night of crypto-mania. The evolution of money has started, just 9 years old, crypto-maniacs are in it to win and create peace and love through crypto-transactions of the likes the World has never seen, All praise be to cryptocurrency!
Companio is a beautiful co-working space in Esaka, Osaka. There are also regular cryptocurrency workshops you can attend. If you need a place to work from, check out:
You can advertise with TV NIPPON anytime. Please email: for more information.
Some of the sights to be seen at the Osaka Motor Show, one of the biggest motor events in western Japan, and enjoy various displays of concept cars, latest vehicles from inside and outside Japan, or motor bicycles.
Coming soon! An IELTS training centre for the IELTS, FCE, PTE, and CAE exams. Email now:
ETN! Electroneum is the next big thing in Crypto! Have you done your research? Buy it before it hits $1 now! You can buy from us too, email us now: