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スタジオレンタル・カメラ(2個)パソコン・ライト・2M X3M バックグランド・アクセサリー・1時間999円 ​・540-0025 大阪市中央区徳井町2丁目1-13・マップ: ポータブルスタジオ・ライト(6個)、バックグラウンド・スタンド(6個)3脚(3個)・アクセサリー・ 1日1万円 (午前10時から午後7時まで). (カメラなし)
Cube started business in 1948, and developed it’s rental office business in 1999. Cube Rental Office has conference room, shared office room, and telephone answering services available for your business. Why not pop in today and check the facilities out for yourself?
Dōtonbori or Dōtombori is one of the principal tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan, running along the Dōtonbori canal from Dōtonboribashi Bridge to Nipponbashi Bridge in the Namba district of the city's Chuo ward.
In Japanese, the place is called the Ghost House (お化け屋敷). One of the biggest and scariest haunted houses in the world, it is located in Fuji-Q Highland Amusement park, near the base of Mount Fuji. This Hospital themed Haunted House might be different from any other haunted house you have ever visited, the haunted house is a huge maze and you have to decide your own starting route. The visitors are free to explore any part of the ghost house. The Ghost House designer also prepared many traps and pitfalls to provide you with a more realistic experience of what he coined as “horror harassment.”
Every time I come to Osaka, I see this car! I want to drive it!
Someone rode all the way from Kyoto!
The abandoned and overgrown landscape of Nara Dreamland, a theme park closed for over a decade, is revealed in this set of images by French photographer Romain Veillon. Built in Nara Prefecture in 1961, the theme park was expected to become Japan's answer to Disneyland.
Founded in 718, it was once thought to be the oldest operating hotel in the world until the realization that another Japanese hotel, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, in Yamanashi, Japan, had claim to this title: it was founded in 705. The Hoshi Ryokan has been operated by the same family for forty-six generations. #tvnippon
いつもの喫茶店にコーヒー豆を分けてもらいに浦江まで散歩。 浦江公園のサクラは散りつつある。 暖かく穏やかで静かなので、予定を変えここでお昼を取ることにした。Credit: Ukita
Shizuoka, a Japanese prefecture on central Honshu’s Pacific coast, is home to 3,776m-tall Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest peak. Within this iconic volcano's foothills are the ancient Fujisan Hongu Sengen shrine and the Shiraito and Otodome waterfalls. Fuji itself, crossed with trails, is a major hiking destination. To the south, the Izu Peninsula is known for its beaches, such as Shimoda, and onsen (hot spring) resorts. #tvnippon
Maniwa (真庭市 Maniwa-shi) is a city located in north-central Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The modern city of Maniwa was established on March 31, 2005, from the merger of the town of Hokubō (from Jōbō District); the towns of Katsuyama, Ochiai, Yubara and Kuse, and the villages of Mikamo, Kawakami, Yatsuka and Chūka (all from Maniwa District). On September 1, 2011, Maniwa has an area of 828.43 km², the largest area of any municipality in the prefecture. Its population was 50,389, with 17,711 households. The city is known for Mount Hiruzen (1,202 m (3,944 ft)) and the Hiruzen Plateau. Mount Hiruzen is also the source of the Asahi River (142 kilometres (88 mi)), which flows through much of Okayama Prefecture. #tvnippon
The oldest Japanese person on record was Misao Okawa who died on 1 April 2015 at the age of 117 years, 27 days. The oldest verified man was Jiroemon Kimura who died on 12 June 2013 at the age of 116 years, 54 days. #tvnippon