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Those everyday adventures are everything. Hamilton, Ontario - Half of Twintage Photography -twintagephotography@gmail.com


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Teaching me her "plant watering technique." We both got soaked. 💦
"Auntie's missing" she becomes very concerned when people go to the store. 😄
Summer forever 💛
Family life is a tornado of love. 🌪💛
The summer of forgetting our bathing suits at home. 💦
Playing like a bunch of two-year-olds. It was adorable. 💛
Lately she's been painting me cotton candy clouds and asking if we can go watch the sunset together. 💛
She's hanging with the vines, I'm pretending this is my yard. ✨
Swimming the day away in our big, old, super cold pool. It reminds me so much of my childhood. 💦
It's all fun and games until she tries to  put her tongue in the fan. 😬
Weekday beach trips with sweet friends. Summer you are the best. 🙌
Dreaming of an endless summer. ☀️