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Those everyday adventures are everything. Hamilton, Ontario - Half of Twintage Photography -twintagephotography@gmail.com @twintage_photography


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A portrait of my Penny. ❤️ I asked her if she could see Santa outside.
Somewhere in this photo is our very black cat. 🐾
Dusting off her ride. ✨
It seems I can't pull my camera out these days without Norah wanting to take a picture. So we worked on this photo together. I took her picture and she took a picture of the double exposure. Maybe we should start a little project together. ❤
Forever dancing. 💛
The one decent thing about the shorter days is the pretty light we get through this window. ✨
The only thing cuter than the hand holding is how well he sports Norah's backpack.
Decisions, decisions 🌲 🌲 🌲🌲🌲
Playing hooky today, off to have some fun! Happy Friday! 💛
Thankful for my sister who got me to hang out in front of the camera for once. I'm such an excuse maker when it comes to having my picture taken. I feel like I've almost been hiding a bit these last couple of years. But afterwards I thought "hey, I should do this more often." 😄📷@twintagelisa
Hope all my American friends are having a wonderful day. Send me your leftovers, okay? 🦃❤️
When your hat is too big and the grass is too tall. #toddlerproblems
It just so happened they got new windows the day before their session. So glad we got to test them out!