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Hey folks, are you tired of your home bank greedily stealing your money when you travel? 💵
Most travellers get hammered by their home bank with exorbitant ATM and foreign transaction fees whenever they go abroad.🏧
And how annoying is it when your bank freezes your card without your consent when you try to use a foreign ATM, or when your bank sets daily withdrawal limits on your account in certain foreign countries for "security" reasons?😬
Most bank accounts simply weren't designed to be traveller-friendly.👣
But now there's a new kid on the block called N26 that makes banking much cheaper, smoother and more efficient. Quite simply, they have revolutionized banking as we know it.💡
Banking with N26 has already saved me hundreds of Euros in unnecessary banking fees over the past two years and has eliminated so much of the stress and hassle of dealing with my old bank.👍
By ignoring this opportunity to learn about N26 today and find out how it can improve your financial life, you could be throwing a lot of money down the drain and suffering unnecessarily.💷💶
Click through the link given in the profile to read our in-depth review of N26, an app-only mobile bank account that almost completely eliminates banking fees for travellers. 📱💰 ------------------------------------------- .

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Living root bridges are a novelty for many people. These living, breathing works of art and natural architecture are as functional as they are beautiful.🌿
Designed and engineered by the indigenous Khasi people of Meghalaya state, northeast India, living root bridges are a masterful solution to the seasonal problem of crossing fast-flowing torrents during the rainy monsoon.💦
Many of these bridges are decades or even centuries old - back then the local people had to construct bridges from what they had available and their solution was to train the pliable secondary roots of the Ficus Elastica tree (Indian Rubber Fig) across rivers and nurture them over several years until they gradually developed into functional, reliable bridges. 🌳
The bridges do not rot, rust or weaken over time like bridges constructed from modern materials like steel, concrete and wood. Quite the opposite in fact - as time ripens they grow thicker, stronger and safer. ⏳
We were so lucky to get the opportunity to traverse more than 10 of these living root bridges during our recent trip to Meghalaya. 🌨

Most people who visit the state will only get the chance to see two or three of these bridges - the most accessible, marketed and famous ones found in the villages of Nongriat and Riwai.
But the vast majority of the more than 50 living root bridges In Meghalaya are hidden away in secluded jungle-cloaked valleys and are unknown to the outside world. ⠀
Most require treacherous trekking to reach. Trekking to and traversing these bridges is what I would definitely consider as intrepid travel. 👣
Your heart is pounding in your chest as you hesitantly inch your way across this platform of roots that’s full of gaps big enough for your whole leg to fall through if your concentration lapses for so much as a split second.
100 feet below is a roaring river in full spate, on its way to the plains of Bangladesh.... -------------------------------------------- .
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Meghalaya in northeast India is THE place to go if you love chasing both secret and not-so-secret waterfalls like us. ⠀
Annual rainfall levels in some parts of the state have broken world records. ☔️
We were overjoyed when this stunning view of Umkawang Falls near Mawphlang village suddenly opened up before us one balmy summer's day a few weeks back. 🌦
Our planet harbours many treasures within its innumerable hilly folds and uninhabited sylvan valleys. ⠀
The common is everywhere and it will find us whether we look for it or not. ⠀
But we spend our lives pursuing the rare, the ethereal, and to discover such things we have to make special efforts. ⠀
Unearthly, divine things will not find us if we remain at home in bed or walk the same hackneyed paths each and every day. ✨
Sometimes we have to survive great perils, face uncertainties and overcome daunting obstacles to uncover these rarities on our travels. But it's always worth it in the end. 🌄
"Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain." ( or trek to that secluded waterfall) 😊👣 -------------------------------------------- #natgeotravel #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #girlsgoneglobal #umkawangfalls #meghalaya #meghalayatourism #meghalayadiaries #indiatravelgram #incredibleindia #mawphlang #waterfallsofinstagram #waterfallphotography #northeastindia #travelnortheastindia #atlasobscura #natgeoyourshot #travelblogger #adventureisoutthere #passionpassport ##mytinyatlas #postcardsfromtheworld #letsgoeverywhere ##roamtheplanet #letsgosomewhere #travelwriter #doyoutravel #travelinladies #twobirdsbreakingfree #travelwithshenaz •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Our 29-day trip through the Buddhist stronghold of western Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India exceeded our expectations. 
This shot was taken in the Dirang valley outside the Kalachakra Gompa, a 500 + year-old Buddhist monastery and one of the oldest in the state. 
Jili is admiring this row of four ageing, whitewashed, weather-beaten stupas. There’s an undeniable charm that exudes from age-old buildings, monuments and other structures, don’t you think? 
Have you visited northeast India yet? This is the place to be for the true adventure travellers that want to experience unspoilt nature, fascinating culture and an incredibly diverse array of ethnic groups. 
You really ought to visit these places before the tourism infrastructure is established, before amenities are in place for travellers and when travel is still challenging. Be a pioneer. Be the first. 
This is the true spirit of adventure and the early bird catches the worm. By the time a million other tourists have been to a place the treasures have all been looted leaving nothing left for you. 
So I say to you go now, before mass tourism transforms places that were once appealing and interesting into westernised, commercialized theme parks. You won’t regret it! 📿🌄 🌲 -------------------------------------------- .
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🌧Somewhere near the town of Mawsynram in Meghalaya there is a dramatic road flanked on one side by sheer cliffs of bare rock that plummet towards a deadly abyss far below. 🌿🌲🌄 -------------------------------------------- .
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"Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than you think it should be" (unknown) 🙏

We have visited a few World Peace Pagodas during our travels..but the one in the picture is a special one. ✨

This Shanti Stupa (peace pagoda) overlooks the city of Pokhara, Nepal from its position atop a small eminence known as Ananda Hill, which is found a few kilometres outside the city.

It is one of the most beautiful Peace Pagodas that we have seen so far! Getting to the pagoda is a joy in itself as you have the option to walk up the small winding road from the base of the hill to reach the top. Once you reach the top you can enjoy breathtaking views of Phewa Lake and the city of Pokhara. 🏞

Did you know that there are in total 80 Peace Pagodas in the world? How many of them have you visited till now? Nepal has two of the eighty peace pagodas, one is the Shanti Stupa in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha and the other is this one, the Shanti Stupa in Pokhara. -------------------------------------------- #natgeotravel #kathmandu #timeoutsociety #thetravelwomen #living_destinations #hello_worldpics #nepalnow #travelandlife #tourismkathmandu #mytinyatlas #postcardsfromtheworld #letsgoeverywhere #beautifulmatters #shantistupa #beautifuldestinations #darlingescapes #worldpeacepagoda #roamtheplanet #traveltips #kathmandudiaries #getlostclub #nepal_love #nepal #travelstoke #kathmanduvalley #sheisnotlost #kathmandunepal #nepalgram •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Durbar (royal palace) square in Kathmandu, the Nepal capital, is one of three Durbar squares in the Kathmandu valley (the other two are found in Patan and Bhaktapur), all of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Much of the square dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, though some buildings are much older, and many buildings were restored after a great earthquake in 1934. 
This large area comprises a great number of old temples, shrines, towers and the Hanuman Dhoka, the old royal palace. Here we’re looking at a few smaller pagoda-style temple buildings with tiered roofs and largely constructed from teak wood. Up close one can observe intricate carvings on the wooden pillars and cornices. The square was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake, where half a dozen temples collapsed. Now supporting buttresses can be seen propped up against many buildings in the square in a bid to save them from eventually collapsing as well. 
There’s a high entrance fee here for foreigners of 1,000 rupees ($9.32) (it’s levied every single time you enter the area) even though this is a public square where local Nepali people pray, socialize and pass through while going about their daily errands. However with so many possible entry points to the area, the ticket booths aren’t that difficult to avoid if you’re careful. Many foreigners do not pay the fee because the square shows signs of neglect (buildings might receive a lick of paint every once in a blue moon), very little regulation to keep it free of touts, beggars and taxi drivers, and the fee has also increased hugely over the years without corresponding improvements to the site, making it seem like a money grab. Why also should foreigners be forced to invest in the square when they are obliged to pass through it to get to another part of the city? -------------------------------------------- #natgeotravel #kathmandu #timeoutsociety #thetravelwomen #living_destinations #hello_worldpics #nepalnow #travelandlife #tourismkathmandu #mytinyatlas #postcardsfromtheworld #letsgoeverywhere #beautifulmatters #kathmandugear #beautifuldestinations #darlingescapes #kathmandudurbarsquare #roamtheplanet #traveltips #kathmandudiaries
Near Chumukedima, a village found on the outskirts of the city of Dimapur in Nagaland, there is a seldom visited waterfall sequestered deep inside the lush tropical jungle that is known as "Triple falls". Since we usually refuse to let any secret of this world escape us, we made it our goal to visit this secluded place and embarked upon a journey to the waterfall from the Patkai Christian College in Chumukedima. Two local boys we met at the church however advised that we take a guide, but upon realizing that we were not willing to do so, one of the boys gave us his best directions so that we could find the way ourselves. The trail first led us down between two local fishing ponds, crossed a riverbed with little water, crossed a dubious bridge over the same river further on and then brought us down to the riverbed itself. It was now an hour’s walk or so upstream along the mostly dried up riverbed. We were thankful it was the dry season and this was not a raging torrent. There were two short gorge sections on the way with steep rocky cliffs, small waterfalls and deep plunge pools, but luckily we were able to bypass these by climbing up treacherous trails into the adjacent jungle. We were still in doubt as to whether we were going the right way at all, when suddenly the waterfall appeared in the distance through the bamboo leaves. It was the perfect reward for such an arduous and treacherous journey. There is a large pool right at the foot of the waterfall just ahead of here. We suspect that there two more waterfalls further ahead of this one which is why they all together termed as 'triple falls' or more rain is required for it to be transformed from a single cascade into three. ( Please confirm from a local) The debris and large boulders piled up in the riverbed just ahead suggest that the river can become very violent and powerful here after heavy rains. -------------------------------------------- #nagaland #dimapur #waterfall #wild #waterfalls #india #adventure #adventurers #atlasobscura #sheisnotlost #doyoutravel #travellustcouples #discovernagaland #northeastindia #naturelovers #indiatravelgram
When you visit this place, it's hard to believe it exists. The Mehrangarh fort in the blue city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India really is an outstanding feat of human endeavour and architectural prowess. 
Some say it is the largest fort in all of India, but if that is not true it is certainly one of the largest. The red sandstone with which the fort was constructed lends a reddish-orange hue to the colossus.

This is easily one of the most visually impressive viewpoints inside the fort, where a path zigzags uphill past a cupola-crowned pavilion to the third of the fort's seven gates.

The fort palace occupies the highest ground, maximizing the security of its royal occupants and affording them the best vantage point from which to survey the city below.
-------------------------------------------- .
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“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” 🌷(Hans Christian Anderson) --------------------------------------------Oh how stumbling upon this field of pink and orange wildflowers filled our hearts with effusive joy and lightness. This was the true feeling of freedom, yes, that lightness of heart, as light as the wild wind that blows unhindered across the open meadows. We frolicked joyfully in those fields of nodding blooms on that glorious summer's day. There we were next to a tiny Monpa village in the splendid Dirang valley of the eastern Himalayas, in the almost virgin state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Isn't it remarkable how nature has the ability to kindle inside of us the spirit of play and carefreeness? This is our natural state of being. Joy. But our culture can rob that from us as we grow older. Nature is always the best antidote to stress, better than therapy in many circumstances. In nature there is only really play - the concept of work really doesn't exist. The boundaries between work and play are blurred. Is the "work"of a hunter-gatherer work? He forages, fishes and hunts. Yet we do those same things for leisure, do we not? Tell us what was the most beautiful wildflower meadow you ever discovered and how did it make you feel when you entered it for the first time? --------------------------------------------#wildflowermeadow #wildflowers #dirang #dirangvalley #arunachalpradesh #arunachal #arunachaltourism #freedom #naturephotography #indiatravel #indiatraveller #indiannature #indiatourism #indiaphotography
The Boudhanath stupa is one of the most important landmarks in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. 🇳🇵 At 36 metres tall, it’s the largest stupa in the Kathmandu valley and one of the largest stupas in South Asia. 
Every day thousands of monks and devotees of Tibetan Buddhism come here as pilgrims to circumambulate the stupa and spin the prayer wheels that are installed around its perimeter, all while muttering mantras and counting rosary beads. There’s a large Tibetan community living in the vicinity of the monument. 📿

The stupa is hemmed in all around its perimeter by high-end cafés, guesthouses and small shops selling religious souvenirs and playing delightful melodious Tibetan music that continuously repeats: “Om Mani Padme Hum”. 🕉

It’s a fantastic spot for photography if you like to shoot people, or even if you just enjoy people watching. There is an entrance fee but it’s easy to avoid by entering the area via any of the unguarded narrow side alleyways.

A small flight of steps brings you up to a raised platform surrounding the central part of the stupa, seen here in the image. We hadn’t seen these lurid orange and green coloured prayer flags before we came to Nepal. 
The watchful eyes on the stupa spire are the all-seeing, omniscient peepers of the Buddha - you’re under surveillance. 👁

Is it for our protection or was this a technique used to instill fear in people to make it easier for the ruling authorities to control them? 
Do you know what stupas are and why they exist? Let us know your thoughts! --------------------------------------------
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This is a large open clearing in Malaysia’s Taman Negara national park, which covers a total area of 4,343 square kilometres, is estimated to be over 130 million years old, making it one of the oldest rainforests in the world. 🌳

The Malay words “Taman Negara” actually already mean “national park”, but people still refer to it as the Taman Negara national park.🌿 There are several bumbuns or hides in the park for observing animals, and we trekked out through the jungle to a few of them, but this one, known as Bumbun Tahan, was the most visually impressive. What’s more, this hide is only 200 metres from the park headquarters, making it the most accessible one of all. However, you generally have a better chance of seeing animals and a greater variety of such at the more secluded hides that are hidden deeper in the jungle. We heard what sounded like wild Asian elephants crashing through the jungle near one of the more isolated hides. Our hearts nearly leapt out of our chests with fear and excitement. It’s advisable to stay overnight at some of the hides for a better chance of spotting wildlife. Beware though that some of the hides are extremely dilapidated, dirty, filled with rubbish and just poorly maintained in general. Expect to spend the night in an unfurnished room with open windows and bare wooden bunk beds. Most of the hides attract animals with salt licks (mineral licks) and open clearings where there is plenty of lush greenery to feed on. Salt can be difficult for animals to obtain in the wild, but it is an essential requirement for the body, so they get attracted to salt licks, which are deposits of salt on the ground. 🍄

This photo was taken from a tall watchtower overlooking the grassy clearing of Bumbun Tahan. Towers like these provide a good vantage point and a safe place from which you can observe the animals. A path leads out into the clearing from beneath the watchtower. What we loved about this clearing was the lone tree near its centre, with its short bole and broadly spreading crown.Some branches of the tree bore beautiful racemes of orange flowers that we had never seen before. CAPTION CONTINUES in the comment section 👇