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Premier animal rehabilitation facility in West Los Angeles.
Pool, land & water treadmills, acupuncture, massage, laser, & more. NPO: @2h4pfoundation

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This little piggy went on the treadmill. Bailey won't get on the treadmill without it. It's pretty adorable. #2h4prehab #treadmill
Today 2H4P's Founder, Leslie Gallagher, gave a tour to Angy Staempfli who came all the way from Switzerland to say hi! We love meeting our fans & fellow animal lovers in person! If you'd like to schedule a tour of our rehabilitation center, call (310) 475-8555. #2h4prehab
Like father, like son. Bryan and Brooklyn grab front row seats at the pool. #2h4prehab
Who says a cone has to get you down? Mav rocks his in style with a smile. #2h4prehab #tbt
ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS: If you or someone you know is looking for a hands-on position at an animal rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, we're currently hiring for a back staff position! Email resumes to or call (310) 475-8555 for details. Good luck! #animallovers #workingwithanimals
Cavaletti time for Otis with Amanda leading the way. #2h4prehab
#Hydrotherapy does wonders for the body and mind. The smile says it all! Call (310) 475-8555 to book your pet a session. #2h4prehab #WellnessWednesday
"How much is that doggy in the window?" Who remembers that song? #2h4prehab #tot #goldenoldie
Bella balances on a ball with Nami. #2h4prehab @lwhiting007
Violet gets electroacupuncture for her first time and Dr. Harrison tells us how it works and what the benefits are. #electroacupuncture #acupuncturist #2h4prehab @gerritvelthoen
We have group swimming a.k.a. fun swim, swimming lessons and exercise therapy in the pool at Two Hands Four Paws, 2240 Federal Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Call (310) 475-8555 to book a session and cool your pet(s) off in our pool. See you soon! #2h4prehab
Twinning! Look at those sweet distinguished faces. #2h4prehab #chocolatelabs #seniordogs #labrador #lab