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DESIGNING IDEAS! Fun, colourful and educational stationery for kids. Wholesale and general enquires to jacinta@twolittleducklings.com.au


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Goodbye Singapore! We are looking forward to heading home and eating some homemade meals, it's fun eating out, but it's nice to eat at home too! All orders placed while we have been away will be shipped as of Monday and all of our our of stock flash cards will be restocked on our return. Photo by @thuie #twolittleducklings #holidaysover #goodbyesingapore #homewardbound
We teamed up with the gorgeous Fiona from @acornkids who used some of our prints on her latest collection, there's lots of Aussie goodness and some other fun prints, I'm so excited to get some for the girls! Go and check them out #twolittleducklings #acornkids #hats #kids #designedinaustralia
The Singapore zoo was all types of amazing, they even have some cool dinosaurs hiding in the bushes, I think a little too lifelike for my littlest lady who shook her head when I asked if she would like a closer look! There's been quite a few orders for these packs whilst we have been on holidays, I will get them all out as soon as we return! Thanks to one of our faves @sophie_vine for this awesome pic! #twolittleducklings #snapandmemory #dinosaurs #madeinmelbourne #kids
Boy oh boy is it hot here in Singapore, all about the t-shirts and thongs! This place is so incredible, definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a holiday destination! Our body parts and clothing flash cards are down to the last couple of packets but we have organised a new delivery for our return, a few people have been taking advantage of our new afterpay option, all orders will be posted from 25 September. Thanks to the clever @mowgliandthebear_ for this clever photo #twolittleducklings #mowgliandthebear #flashcards #learning #learningcards #bodyparts #clothing #kids #madeinmelbourne
When it comes to playdough @happyhandshappyheart really knows her stuff, she is an artist and loves a challenge! Today is world playdough day, if you want to see something amazing with this material head on over and check Em out, you won't be disappointed, her cleverness shows no bounds! When she created her business she thought of everything and she continues to come up with new things, she supports so many wonderful causes and she really is a true inspiration! Happy playdough day Em! #twolittleducklings #happyhandshappyheart #playdough #dinosaurs #kidsplay
We're on our way to the Singapore zoo, so excited to have breakfast with the animals, leopards at the ready #twolittleducklings #flashcards #educatingyoungminds #madeinmelbourne #kidsplay #learning #kapowkids
R E S T O C K ! H O L I D A Y ! A F T E R P A Y ! So I've been getting a few emails about when some of our flash cards will be restocked, we are off on holidays tomorrow, but I have organised a print run while I'm away, so by 25 September my online store will be nice and full again! If you need them sooner than that I have lots of lovely stockists, so get in contact and I can point you in the right direction! On another note we have finally added after pay to our website after a few requests! Yay! How cute is this photo by @littlenoggi little Annika is one of my favourite little ladies, she has the sweetest pronunciation for our fruits and veg cards and she gets so excited going through them, she totally rocks! #twolittleducklings #flashcards #australia #kids #fruitandvegetables #letthemlearm #educatingyoungminds
Friendly reminder that all orders from tomorrow onwards will be posted from 25 September as we are off on a short holiday to escape the winter blues (I know it's spring, but I don't think Melbourne has realised yet) 📸 @thuie #twolittleducklings #flashcards #holiday #worldanimals
I think I'm in dreamland this morning after 18 months and eight days my little girl slept all night in her bed! ALL NIGHT! First time EVER! Of course I woke up at 4.45 and haven't gone back to sleep and of course we headed to Singapore on Tuesday so we will of course not get it again! But hey at least now I know it's a possibility! @katepark1 is responsible for this amazing shot! Remember today is the last to order for me to post before we leave, otherwise all orders will be posted as if 25 September! Happy Sunday! #twolittleducklings #snapandmemory #kids #games #fun #sleep #sunday #australia
It's all about the cats tonight! Go GEELONG! Love this snap by our clever stockist @youngwillow_ with the most gorgeous baby gift boxes! Our high contrast flash cards look pretty sweet here with the new @kapowkids onesie! Seriously look at that ruffle! #twolittleducklings #gocats #flashcards #highcontrast #baby #madeinaustralia
I hope your Friday is magical! Mine is going to be finalising some work before our trip next week! Remember Sunday is the last day to order if you would like your order shipped before 25 September! Love this pic by @katepark1 how awesome is this dress by @kapowkids I do love me a little bit of leopard! #twolittleducklings #dreamland #happyfriday #snapandmemory #australianmade #kids #games #fun
Cuteness alert! Look at this little lady on her 4th birthday! Our milestone books are being discontinued, which makes me kind of sad, but we are trying to narrow our focus, but good news for you as they are now on sale! These books are great because they can be used for many years not just for the first year! So if you want to grab a bargain head to our sale section on our website! Awesome capture by @thejadedmonkey #twolittleducklings #milestone #madeinaustralia