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Ham not a Comedian😄 🇳🇬🇬🇧| EDO BOY.
i play all characters including @taofeek_
Check out my movie - TWYSE AND FAMILY. Link below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 👇🏽

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Hop and Nathan give me chills every f*cking time. Does anyone know any other similar artiste? #twyseandfamily
Let’s switch roles for one day and see how it feels 😊🙄. The end eez a true story tho. I don’t know if she was serious or kidding bhet it happened sha🙄. #twyseandfamily
😊👏👏👏. #ItWasAprilFools #twyseandfamily
+1 Today. Happy birthday to me🎂🍭🍾, very soon now someone will be 30. H’old age h’approashing.  #TwyseAndFamily
Incase you missed it😊. Link in @taofeek_’s bio #twyseandfamily
Bhet Daddy why? Ehn! who send you message😭😭? #twyseandfamily 
Music: ‘Over’ by R2Bees
All deez teeshaz dunno book joor🙄. #twyseandfamily 
Music: ‘Don’t Dull’ by @wizkidayo
H’old Skool vibez👴🏾😄. @yvonne_chakachaka #twyseandfamily
Remix. Oya twerk😭. @jashn21 this is ya fault😂 #twyseandfamily
Seeroz queshion tho, If somebothy offer you $10 million wit their left hand, wee you kollet 🙄? #twyseandfamily 
Music: ‘Way’ by @falzthebahdguy ft @wandecoal
This guyyy🤦🏽‍♂️😭😭😭😭. Link in @taofeek_’s bio 
#Repost @taofeek_ ・・・
Taofeek - ‘MIND’. H’album coming soon. 
Beat by @endeetonebeatz #twyseandfamily
Baddest producer with the sauce @endeetonebeatz🔥. Thnks fr the quality beats G. Kindly follow him if you love good melody and contact him for business enquiries, he’s very affordable, dedicated and hard working. #twyseandfamily