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“I’ve always felt connected to music. It’s helped sustain me through life’s challenges. My father died when I was 16 years old, and I had to earn money to support my mother and three younger siblings. My uncle and I would catch fish early in the morning and sell the day’s catch at a local market before sunrise. I split my time between working and studying until college and finished in Electromechanical Technology. I’m glad to share my music through technology, and am overwhelmed by the support I’ve received.” – Aljhon, equipment technician, TI Philippines #TIHumanElement #music #guitar #inspiration
“Giving up has never been an option for me. I love long-distance sports like marathon running or cross-country ski races. I participated in Tervahiihto, the world’s oldest mass ski event. Making it over the finish line with a great time gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Engineering and long-distance sports have a lot in common: it is great to challenge yourself, to overcome obstacles and to find new solutions – whether it’s to solve a design task or to start at a new sports event.” - Markus, analog design engineer, Finland  #TIHumanElement #ski #engineering #tervahiihto #skiing
“Getting behind the controls of the plane, pushing the throttle forward and taking off is exciting and rewarding. Becoming a pilot makes me a better planner. I learn good resource management, how to be patient and how to operate safely with a sense of urgency. I also learn how to make good decisions. You have to understand the situation and make decisions based on the information available. You don’t want to make a bad decision when piloting a plane.” – BJ, regional accounts director, TI Korea #TIHumanElement #aviation #flying #pilot
“The power of your voice can impact the next generation and can change the way we shape technology in the future. This can create more engineers and drive more change. This has become my passion.” – Erika, who leads a team at our company that tests semiconductor chips and inspires students to pursue technical careers. #TIHumanElement #STEM #innovation #engineer
“After one of my meetings, an employee looked at me and said, ‘You are the first HR person who has reached out simply to get to know me and understand what I do. I really appreciate that. Thank you.’ That was one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received. Sometimes just showing up and letting people know that you’re there and that they matter can mean a lot. Every interaction is important to me, and it is imperative for me to work for an organization that highly values its people and fosters a great culture. People are at the core of every business, and without investing in its people, a business will fail.” - Vinessa, who works in human resources #TIHumanElement #humanresources #people
“Volunteerism was instilled in me at a young age when my great-grandmother brought me to the senior center where she volunteered. I remember playing card games with the residents and listening to their amazing stories. My mission as a volunteer is to encourage anyone that I can, no matter their walk of life. What I love about Meals on Wheels and delivering food to those who are homebound is that I get to make people smile, just like I did when I was a child.” - Zakiyah, digital marketing program manager and @VNATexas board member. #TIHumanElement #GivingTuesday @UnitedWayDallas
“I knew I wanted to be an engineer when I tried to rig our antenna TV so I could watch my favorite TV show and failed. My favorite radio personality says: Fight, grind, repeat and don’t be afraid to fail. I had a lot of failures very early, but the grind-and-repeat is where I learned that working hard and being persistent is how we succeed in our goals. To me, innovation is more than grand inventions or patents. It’s all of the smart changes we make at every role and function in our company that improve our products, methodologies and way of working together. They all are a critical part of making great and better products.” – Huang-Chun, a manager at our company and recent honoree at the Women of Color STEM Conference #TIHumanElement #STEM #innovation #engineer
“Incredible things happen when women support each other. Sometimes we are limited by the ‘glass ceiling’ we set in our mind. I am inspired and encouraged by many women inside and outside our company. They realize their potential when they focus on what excites them and that leads to a happier life and greater career achievements. On the journey toward becoming the best person we can be, we must become our own active agents of change. Then we can make a bigger, more positive impact on our organization and families.” - Tracy, director of corporate and employee communications in Asia and sponsor of our company’s Women’s Initiative in China #TIHumanElement
“I’ve always been passionate about robotics. When a few test engineers asked me to think of a solution that would help them reduce the time spent on monotonous, strenuous or high-risk tasks, I decided to put my knowledge of robotics to the test. The result is RAHI, or Robotic Assistant to Human Intent, a low-cost 24/7 robotics assistant. RAHI, which means a ‘travel companion’ in Hindi, is built with machine intelligence, mimicking human behavior and performing multiple tasks. It took me four and a half years to build, and I’ve spent many weekends working on it, but it’s definitely worth it. I am thrilled that we are filing a couple of patents for it. This shows that DIY innovation can end up making a real impact if we push the boundary.” - Neeraj, systems & test architect #TIHumanElement #robotics
Lava + catapults + pom-pom drops = 300 kids on their way to STEM-filled futures at @VEXrobotics! #GirlPowered
“This year’s Texas State Fair theme was Texas innovation. I participated as a fun and creative outlet, and I wanted to honor the company where I worked for almost 40 years. Because of my time at TI, I’m always drawn to innovation. I decided to use Jack Kilby as my inspiration because of his amazing work as a technology innovator. I enjoyed researching Jack and his impact on TI and the world. I had a great time visiting with the other participants, especially other first-time participants. I encourage TIers, retirees and our families to continue sharing their innovations and creative spirit, in whatever form it takes.” - Carrie, retired Finance and Operations manager. Carrie won second place in the 2018 Texas State Fair @statefairoftx “glue-a-shoe” competition. #TIHumanElement #BigTex
“Fishing requires persistence and focus, but it’s also a great way to clear my mind, which leads to better problem solving. In manufacturing, we’re continuously improving and solving problems. This persistence pays off in work and in many of my hobbies, such as wade fishing. Wading through the mud and shallow waters of Texas’ back bays can be exhausting, but the reward includes a great meal with family and friends.” - Kyle, TI manufacturing leader, #TIHumanElement