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Toshifumi collects vintage aircraft and loves restoring the machines’ instruments in the small hangar he built. “One of the best parts of my hobby is using my imagination and creativity to find the solution with a limited budget. I believe breakthrough ideas are inspired by the restrictions.” – Toshifumi, an equipment engineer in Japan
Linda has the largest vintage handheld game collection owned by a female in the world. As a child, she was passionate about playing, fixing and understanding electronic games and has the opportunity to bring that excitement to TI. “My passion for games led to a career as an electrical engineer. Since joining TI, I’ve used vintage electronic games to teach young people about STEM by debugging the games. I share my love of vintage games to encourage them to turn their passions into careers.” – Linda, an electrical engineer
For Majdouline, who is from Morocco, the best thing about working for TI is gaining new perspectives by interacting with people who are from other nationalities and cultures. "What I enjoy most about working abroad is meeting with people from different places, hearing their stories and sharing experiences with each other." – Majdouline, a master thesis student and TI employee in Europe
Amy leads a yoga class for her co-workers each week to help teach mindfulness. “Yoga transformed my life. I started practicing seven years ago. It reminds me that you have to continually practice to see transformation, just like when you’re facing a challenge at work.  The same mindfulness is needed to keep coming back to the mat or to keep solving the work problem. I’m grateful that TI embraces our outside passions and gives us the chance to share them with our co-workers.” – Amy, who oversees program managers
Claude grew up an average runner and joined the TI track team as a personal challenge. “With the team’s encouragement and my dedicated training on the 400-meter sprint, I now love to compete and feel exhilarated when I can improve my performance. I think every member of the team – no matter their past running history – finds it welcoming, nurturing and fun. We recently brought a 36-member team to the 2019 USCAA Regional Corporate Cup in Houston. Everyone gave 110%, and we finished first place. The team is already preparing for next year!” –Claude, an engineer and co-captain of the TI track team
Tobias, a product engineer and hobbyist, shares his passion for fixing and inventing with his 10-year-old son. “He is a great source of engineering inspiration, as he has so many ideas I would have never thought about myself. Our latest project was an infrared sensor that triggers scary sounds and counts the number of kids crawling through a cardboard ghost train during a festival at his school.“ - Tobias, a product and qualification engineer
When you're at TI, the external issues that can divide us fall away – we’re all just TIers. “Inclusion is really just about forming connections with people. It’s hard to put culture into words because it’s intangible, but you can see and feel the diversity here.” – Darnell and Amna, co-chairs of our TI Diversity Network (TIDN), which includes 15 employee-led resources groups. TIDN is honored to place #2 on the ERG & Council Honors awards which recognizes employee resource groups.
“Being yourself and becoming who you are is an ongoing process. We all have our own timeline. Being the chair of TI Pride helped me be more upfront about who I am, and helped me bring my full self to work.” – Eric, an applications engineer and chair of our company’s Pride network.
Ariff looks for open mics around town to do spoken-word performances in front of a crowd. “My inspiration comes from what I see, whether it’s social commentary or satire. It’s very fulfilling to hear the audience’s cheers, laughter and finger snapping, which is a common expression of agreement in the poetry scene.” – Ariff, test equipment engineer and new college graduate in Malaysia 📷: @flatlined.photography
Ryan, who developed a patent as a TI intern, believes innovation is a byproduct of curiosity and drive. “I went above and beyond with what I was tasked with and tried problem-solving methods that others had not. My advice for future interns: Give your day meaning.” – Ryan, application engineer
Steph leads a volunteer project in the Philippines to help transform disposable plastic waste into ecobricks that are used to build garden spaces and buildings, such as libraries and schools. "As a child, I was taught that it’s important to do things for other people – to give your time where you can. I’m always inspired to volunteer and give back because doing so adds value and meaning in my life. One of my favorite things about community service is that there are opportunities to connect with people, build new relationships, and bring joy and hope to others.” – Steph, community involvement team leader, TI Philippines.
Hope is focused on innovation yet to be defined within the automotive industry. “We used to build computers within cars, and now we build the car around a computer. And it’s our job to dream of the future.”