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Happiness doesn’t depend on external factors, but by your mental attitude towards them ✨
Great result last night by the lads. Congrats @juniorstanislas and @stevecook03 on your goals 🙌🏽 #afcb
My Ye is different to your Ye 🙇🏽‍♂️
Feeling very proud of @katie__thomas__ & Team KTM! @chickenandblues Winton has been a brilliant project to work on and the result is beautiful! 🤩 Final touches are being made over the weekend, ready for the official opening on Monday. We’ve loved every second of seeing our vision become a reality and @joshuahsimons and @stevecrawforduk have been great fun to work with! Make sure you all go and check it out, there’s some amazing new additions to the menu too! 😋 @katie__thomas__ @ownbrandltd #dreamteam
When you’re not happy about coming second in the ‘best teeth’ awards 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🏅 @iamjoshuaking
Love my brothers ❤️
My new best mate, Pablo.
Thank you to @chaperonek9 for the amazing work you’ve done with him. He’s perfect 🙌🏽❤️
Photos shot by @amymaidmentphoto

Every week, 84 men in the UK take their own lives. 
The majority will have suffered in silence or tried to self-medicate themselves...and failed. 
Many men are too embarrassed to admit to themselves or others when they are mentally struggling to cope, believing it somehow makes them appear weak and less of a man.

As men our ‘strong and silent’ response is costing too many lives preventing many of us from seeking help when we need it most.
It’s time for us to be Strong NOT Silent and share our struggles.
. . I have personally been through very dark times over the years through personal issues and injuries. I owe a huge amount to the professionals and loved ones who helped me out of them times & the pride, relief and fulfilment when you come out the other side is something which will stay with you forever
To also support this campaign contact me.

#strongnotsilent #sharethestruggle #nohealthwithoutmentalhealth
Had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite artists tonight @bradleytheodore at the release of his new collection ‘The Coronation’ what a great evening! Thank you @fifi_lovett & @jayrutland
What a game 😅
Showed great mentality to keep going and get the win, fans pushed us on 🙌🏽 @callumwilson_13 I owe you a drink 😇😘 great to see @juniorstanislas back in the goals too after his injury 💪🏽