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🎬 Ola Bola The Musical 2018
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I can’t hide it. I’m so excited that I finally decided on you • While We’re Young - Jhene Aiko 🌻
Stuntin’ on errthang
Same old me, still so hood 🦋
“Bila Tysha nak release next single?” Looooooooooooooooool 👏🏻
Reppin’ #HighlightGameStrong #OlaBolaMusical
Honestly, these pictures show exactly how it was for me with the kids throughout the show. I’ll miss them screaming my name & running to hug me 😭 My heart broke into pieces when they cried saying their goodbyes. Kak Tysha loves all of you & I’m sure we’ll see each other soon. Don’t grow up too fast. Thank you for making me so happy & loved whenever ya’ll are around 💕 sayaaaaang semua #OlaBolaMusical #TheatreBaby
You are such a huge inspiration to me & to all of us, @tiarajacquelina ❤️ Thank you is not even enough to express just how grateful I am to be given the chance to work with you. Thank you for believing in me, in my talent. You have made me fall deeper in love with musicals & I strive to be as great as you 🙏🏻 I loooooove you 💕#OlaBolaMusical #TheatreBaby
To my papa bear & my mama penguin, I could’ve never done this without your endless support, faith & love for me. I am so lucky to have such loving & understanding papa & mama 💕 Thank you for always pushing me to do what I love to do & for always believing that I am meant to be on stage, to share my voice & talent to the world since day one. I owe my life to you & I promise you, you’ll get to see me shine brighter, soon! I hope I made you proud ❤️ I love both of you with all of my heart. #OlaBolaMusical #PapaBear #MamaPenguin #BabyKitty #ForeverManjak #TheatreBaby
Yesterday was the last day of #OlaBolaMusical & the tickets were all sold out! Alhamdulillah, it was an amazing way to end a beautiful journey. I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of the musical. I am humbled to have shared the stage & to work with all of my #idola 💕 I appreciate all the knowledge & friendships that I have gained throughout the show. Thank you so so much for making my first musical experience, a wonderful one. && MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!!!! I’ll miss all of you, dearly. Here’s to more musicals in the future, inshaAllah #OlaBolaMusical
Wildin’ 🤪