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Kiah tak mau posmen ok Kiah dengan ayah Kiah nak askar je ok?! Jangan lupa tengok Aku Posmen malam ni, Astro Citra HD 126 / Citra 131, 9 malam πŸ’• #AkuPosmen #Telemovie #KusSemangatAktor #Astro β€’ Barangkali askar nya nanti @devamahenra, film directed by @montytiwa πŸ˜‚ heroin nya?!?! TYSHA LAH. A girl can dream okay hewhew 🀭 #TyshaOnSet #BabySteps #KeepSwimming
Was about to leave the office, saw this little cutie, dropped my stuff, ran to him & he literally ran into my arms. THAT is by far the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me this year lol β€’ I love babies so much & OBVIOUSLY they love me too but like..... I am too young to have one of my own so guys PLEASE bring your babies to the office more often
Kenapa sedih sangat tu, Kiah? Abang Posmen cakap apa kat Kiah? :( β€’ Aku Posmen on Astro Citra 131 / Citra HD 126, 10 November, 9 malam! 🎬 #AkuPosmen #Astro #TyshaOnSet
We layan each other's weirdness & manjaness very well. Wove you, Kimmie πŸ’•
For the newlyweds πŸ’• β€’ Should I ever get married.... you know you'll be singing at my wedding too, Mon πŸ˜‹
Congratulations to my jiejie! You're officially a wifey πŸ’• β€’ Me: "So for my wedding right......" The rest: "Wahhh got boyfriend meh?!?!" πŸ™„ #FashionTeam
Nachos & guacamole kinda day β€’ Sumpah nyaman πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ #ChefB
Look at that Becca highlight gurl
Made lamb shoulder with black pepper sauce for dinner, homeboiiiiiii πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ #ChefB #DomesticGoddess
Ada ruangan kosong tak terisi πŸ’• Watch my cover of Layarlah Kembali by @dayangsayangkamu on my IGTV now πŸ˜‡ What song should I do next?! #CoverByTyshaTiar #IGMusic #Cover #Music
Have you watched my cover of Layarlah Kembali yet?!?!??? Go check it out on my IGTV. @dayangsayangkamu liked it, jsyk 😜 It means a loooooot to me cause I've been a huuuuuuge fan since Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta 😍 #CoverByTyshaTiar
Finally watched Pulang & I love it! I cried like a baby, got a liiiiiiitttttle crush on Erwin hehe & it got me singing the OST Layarlah Kembali by my fav local singer ever @dayangsayangkamu πŸ˜πŸ’• Watch the longer version of the cover (wasn't able to do a full one cause the minus one sucks) on my IGTV! If you vibe with this cover of mine, comment πŸ’” cause ngl sis sedih nyanyi lagu ni ok hahaha #CoverByTyshaTiar #IGMusic #Cover #Music