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🎶 Singer / Songwriter #CoverByTyshaTiar / Actor
🎬 Ola Bola The Musical 2018
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fav place for all day biiiiig breakfast & waffles so far! 😍🌷
The highs, the lows. It comes & goes.
Judgin u like....
When I'm down, I get real down. When I'm high, I don't come down.
“You gotta move it slowly. Take & eat my body like it’s holy. I’ve been waiting for you for the whole week. I’ve been praying for you, you’re my #SundayCandy” 🍭 @thechanmaster • Sunday Candy pt 3 with the Captain! #Captain #EastCoastGirl #CoverByTyshaTiar #InstaMusic #Music #OlaBolaTheMusical
“NICE!!!!!” 😅 • Sunday Candy pt 2 with the Captain! @thechanmaster #SundayCandy #CoverByTyshaTiar #Captain #EastCoastGirl #OlaBolaTheMusical
Happy Sunday, everyone! Got to do a cover with the Captain ⚽️🏃🏻‍♂️Here’s our version of Sunday Candy pt 1 hehe @thechanmaster #SundayCandy  #Captain #EastCoastGirl #CoverByTyshaTiar #InstaCover #Music #OlaBolaTheMusical
It is pretty depressing that I haven’t been performing on stage for quite awhile now :( I miss it so so so so much, ya’ll have no idea & I honestly cannot wait to be back on stage again soon 😭😇💕🙏🏻
Posted my first IGTV video evur! Check em out. Practicing Love On The Brain @badgalriri for AGT tomorrow & thought of sharing the video since I haven't been posting covers for quite awhile anyway. Ignore my hands la ha sis feeling gotta feel it yaknowhatimsayin okur wish me luck guyz x #CoverByTyshaTiar #TyshaSouledOut #Music #IGCover
Tough couple of weeks for me but I'm slowly getting back on my A game! ✨
Stuntin' on Eid Day 2
Raya got me like....... #EidMubarak #AlwaysExtraAF • "Tysha ney gerek?" "Tysha bila mok kawen?" "Tysha pahal makin gemok?" "Tysha kenak sik kerja di Kuching?" "Tysha tolong di dapo lok!" "Tysha udah gik makan ya!"