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Brings back memories of my first meeting with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. India-Israel relations are flourishing thanks to the warm friendship between our two Prime Ministers.
Great meeting today with the Minister in the office of the President from South Sudan, Mayiik Ayii Deng.
בתכנית הבוקר של עשר
אחרי שלושה ימים שלא הייתי בבית בגלל הפיליבסטר של האופוזיציה, הבת שלי מעיין הגיעה לבקר אותי בעבודה. איחוד מרגש
Happy Hanukkah!
Over the years 300,000 trainees from around the world took part in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' MASHAV courses. Each one became a true friend of Israel. We hosted some of the MASHAV trainees tonight on the first night of Hanukkah at a celebration marking 60 years since the establishment of MASHAV.
הערב הדלקנו נר ראשון של חנוכה במשרד החוץ יחד עם נציגויות ישראל ברחבי העולם דרך וידאו קונפרנס.
חג אורים שמח.
2nd international conference on digital diplomacy at the @israelmfa with PM @b.netanyahu
An important visit by the Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Maria Fernanda Espinoza, expressing the desire to strengthen ties with Israel. Ecuador understands, as do many countries, that the key to the future lies in innovative technology being led by Israel.
During the visit with the Foreign Minister of Ecuador we signed an agreement allowing spouses of diplomats to work in the country and we spoke about increasing the cooperation between our two countries.

Video: Itai Bet On, GPO, sound: Ben Peretz, GPO
Marking 40 years to the visit of Anwar Sadat in the Knesset.
With the Egyptian Ambassador Hazem Khairat.
הערב אתארח בתכנית @gav_hauma בראיון אחד על אחד עם ליאור שליין
NYU - my last stop at the campuses tour