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Battleground began as a riveting TV drama but it has become a drag of a soap to keep up with. In its first episodes, I and my family couldn't wait till 8pm to catch up with the politics of the Bahdmus' family, but now the producers have become aware of their grip on the fans and have decided to milk this cow till its udders have emptied.ツ The scenes no more advance the story. A tiny matter drags and drags that if you miss four episodes, you'd find them stuck on the same matter.

This was what plagued Tinsel, a drama no one can keep up with again. Everyday new faces, new plot, new twists and turns. Tinsel has become something to watch when nothing interesting shows on DSTV. Sometimes the power of a story lies in its brevity, such that even when it's re-aired, viewers enjoy it still. That is why I still rate Hush highly: one season and everyone goes home. I hope Battleground learns. The drag is tiresome.
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But with each revised preference, what have your daughters become? clowns miming to the whims of society under the guise of living up to the male gaze? objects constantly adjusting their positions to fit into the vision of society? Wouldn窶冲 it be better if we went to school because education gave us the advantage? worked good jobs because we ought to make a living? What if we were raised to exist fully without the constant ring of living up to a man窶冱 gaze?

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