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I write.
Fiction, Poetry. Culture and Opinion. De rigueur of the moment.


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Abraham Oghobase's exhibition at the Angels and Muse space.
Yrsa's voice is heavenly. I have been reading Bone since this year and this book is the best gift I've received in a long while.

Regrannyrsadaleyward - ‘Body’, from bone. Read by me. 
If you’re about that audiobook life, get your copy, it’s available now! 🙌🏿❤️ - #regrann
Work+ Stout + Baldwin = Birthday accolades
(Forget the 🍊) #18+
Do you want some accolades?
I deserve some accolades 🍷 🍰 🍰 😆🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Regrann from @nicholaskirkwood -  The Casati, the keys, the cocktail. A magic Wednesday trio. Shop the Ultra Specchio Copper Casati Pearl Derby now on @24sevres #NicholasKirkwood - #regrann
Type "Amen" 👇 to claim your dream work space.
If you don't have this and do not know how to operate it, I'm not your mate. 😁